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Hide and Secret preview - a new detective puzzle    2007-03-05


Hide & SecretWe've got an urgent news message from Anarchy Enterprises. These inventive and good-humored guys have recently released a detective puzzle - Hide and Secret that is already available for download at the developer's website and is about to be launched over a number of casual games portals.


Hide and Secret reveals a gripping detective story. The villain Jacques has stolen the Treasures of the Ages in order to eliminate the world. You must help Will Scout and Anna Lyze on their quest to defeat the criminal and find the treasures.


The game play of Hide and Secret is similar to that of MCF: you are to spot the clues on the playfield. But what is the difference between Hide and Secret and other games of that type? And what is it special for? Let's ask Alex Jamieson from Anarchy Enterprise.


Hide & Secret?GM: How long did it take you to develop Hide and Secret Game?

Alex Jamieson: Hide and Secret? You gotta understand - we create things in a kind of "Santa's Workshop vs. Frankenstein's Monster" environment where we make far many more toys and gadgets than the world will ever see. I’d like to say we spent about 2½ years and a million bucks, but I think our accountant would have a nervous breakdown. Our game vaults are chock full of quirky gems, kind of like the behind the scenes stuff at the Wonka Chocolate factory. But we rarely admit visitors. Maybe one day we’ll stop selling our games and just charge admission to come into our studio and play around for awhile. I’m just not sure if a free 60 minute try-and-buy would work that way. We probably couldn’t fit a few million people in here!

Hide & SecretGM: What was this game inspired by? Why do you believe Hide and Secret
differs from other games of this genre?

Alex Jamieson: I’m sworn to secrecy on this one, but anybody who plays Hide & Secret for a minute will see some of the differences. So here we go. Check this out - you can actually see the objects you are looking for. With some other hidden-object games, you need your great-grandmother's nuclear turbo-powered reading glasses to untangle the fuzz. We actually worked with NASA to prove the concept, and found without a doubt, the game tends to be a lot more fun when you can actually see the objects instead of going blind squinting at your monitor. We fed all those concepts into a next generation super computer and after all the math, the end result was actually pretty simple - the computer responded in circa 1980's surfer vernacular - "dude, this is totally tubular!"


Plus the characters in Hide and Secret are hardwired to tickle your funny bone. They appeared in another game we released called Treasure Pyramid, but they're actually from a full length animated film we made where they go on all these crazy adventures. We've debated releasing the movie but we're holding on to it a bit longer until we can think up the perfect title. Something snazzy that will look really great on an interstate billboard. Oh and don't forget our hero "Will Scout" has a really great looking hat. Who knows if the hat actually improves the gameplay (unless you’re actually wearing one) - but man, I wish I had a hat like that. I guess I'll have to wait for the action figures and other merchandizing to hit the street.  


                  Download Hide and Secret game for Windows



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