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Just-released Hit - Plant Tycoon. Download Now   2007-09-07

Plant Tycoon Game Download

We are glad to bring good news for all fans for simulation games. LDW software, known for creating Fish Tycoon and Virtual Villagers game series, released their another real-time simulation game - Plant Tycoon.


The point of this game is to grow plants, harvest seeds, and sell adult plants in the Nursery to make money. You will be able to monitor your plants health, age and maturity and take measures against dehydration and infestations. And of course, you will have to produce new magical plant breeds.


The game goes in real time, just like Fish Tycoon. There are about 500 kinds of plants to discover. In Plant Tycoon, you will be experimenting with seeds and solving genetic puzzles. This is all we can say about the game at the moment. Read full review with tips and tricks for Plant Tycoon on Monday.


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tania  2007-10-12 12:19:43
these games are excelent

taz  2007-10-12 13:56:49

Alexandre  2012-10-21 14:44:50
Lots of people kill pltans with kindness; keeping the soil moist (rather than wet) is a good rule of thumb unless it's something like bamboo. Don't fertilize for the first 2 3 months, as most nurseries/suppliers pot their new pltans in a soil/fertilizer mix. After that, I like to fertilize most pltans each time I water with a quarter-strength soluble fertilizer. Light can be an issue for some pltans. If you see leaves turning brown or getting VERY light green, they're probably getting too much sun; if they lean toward the light, they probably need to be a bit closer. Very few pltans can take direct sunlight, particularly from a west- or south- facing window. If you must use these windows, try putting a sheer curtain on the window to cut down on the intensity of the sun. Humidity is also a factor to be considered; if the tips of the leaves get brown, or if they wilt quickly, it may be too dry. To combat this (without using a humidifier), try setting the pot on a tray or saucer filled with pebbles, into which water has been poured so that the pebbles are just sticking out. As the water evaporates, the air immediately around the plant will be more humid. If you are having pest problems, a good drench will sometimes take care of things most nurseries can point you at a good all-round product (Safer Soap is a good one). These are all very general suggestions, obviously, but hopefully they'll get you back on track with your pltans. Good luck!

Iwiet  2012-10-21 17:32:51
Tropic plants love hudtmiiy, you need to put a few rocks between bottom of the planter and between the water catch all plate, bigger than the plant vase! Add water down into that area, not to be sucked up by the roots. If to close to the window now in the winter time, cold temperture may be killing it.Find its accurate dirt ph level its supposed to be at. Find the best book at the local library or here online. Maybe at times you should of put a large enough bag over it with some air in the bag put in sunshine for an hour or so, for more hudtmiiy to build it up. Don't over heat this way. Short time fix! Bugs may have been in dirt all along, and layed the larvae that ate the roots. So now plants is dying. Put whole thing in garbage bag like Glad bag wrap it up, twist into a tie and toss it, so all bugs die and don't breed, and infect other natural floral in your state of residents. Stick to normal household plants, good for your area!

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