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Gaming News Headlines 2007-01-04   

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  Game News - 2007-01-04
Top-Notch Arcades   2007-01-03  
Top-Notch Arcades
Time to review the most dynamic and crazy-paced games that make your brain and fingers work. We're talking about arcade games. Compared to puzzles and strategies, arcade games have not seen such a great boom in 2006. Just like a year ago, in the latest Luxor the you would create color matches of multicolored balls and smash them. Yet game graphics, ingame physics have seen tremendous changes. So, why not gazing at the best of arcades and seeing what was new about these games in 2006?
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Happy New Year!
Brand New Brands - What are they like?
Brand New Brands - What are they like?
Magic Ball 3    2006-12-30
Magic Ball 3
Season's surprises are snowing in: on December 25th Alawar games finally released Magic Ball 3. This pirate arcade stands out among other sequels to popular games that have seen the world at the end of expiring year. It features stunning 3D graphics, more than 80 challenging levels, lots of power-ups and other improvements. The main point of the game is to smash multiple on-screen items using a paddle and a ball. System requirements:  P-III 1000 Mhz or equivalent processor, 64 MB VRAM, DirectX - compatible video card, Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, DirectX 8 or higher.

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Mystery Case Files Ravenhearst     2006-12-29
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Mystery Case Files Ravenhearst
Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst developed by BigFishGames Studio is a sequel to the famous MCF: Huntsville and MCF: Prime Suspects. The main idea of the game is to search the abandoned manor for hidden items to unravel the mystery of place called Ravenhearst Manor. The clue to the mystery can be found in the diary of Emma Ravenhearst, but some entries of the diary were lost... To locate Emma's lost diary entries, 32 rooms are to be explored and multiple puzzles are to be solved.

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Tango-paced Success Stories     2006-12-28
Tango-paced Success Stories
In terms of so-called micromanagement, or restaurant games, 2006 was even more fruitful. Many developers produced a number of diner-dash-like titles based on the same scheme: they created new graphics and characters, while game play basics remained untouched. A title character (yep, that's a rare type of casual games with a live character!) is to accept and fulfill customers' orders to make customers happy at a time limit.

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Hidden Expedition Titanic and other detective puzzles     2006-12-27
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Hidden Expedition Titanic and other detective puzzles
A very few days left before the arrival of 2007.  So, we decided to cross our t's and dot our i's at GameMile. It might be useful to look back and evaluate the new things that happened in the industry of easy, fun and clean games in 2007.  So, we're going to review the most prominent titles left unreviewed and compare them with the rest of the games of the same genres.   In 2006 gaming world was booming; and worldly wise puzzle fans seemed to have tried all possible types of puzzles. Nothing seemed to impress them. Yet this belief was shuttered by Big Fish Games studio.   In 2006 gaming world was booming; and worldly wise puzzle fans seemed to have tried all possible types of puzzles. Nothing seemed to impress them. Yet this belief was shuttered by Big Fish Games studio.

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Top 5 games
  1. Mystery Case Files: Escape from Ravenhearst
  2. Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery
  3. Delicious: Emily's Moms vs Dads
  4. Heroes of Hellas 4: Birth of Legend
  5. Cubis Kingdoms
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