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Gaming News Headlines 2007-01-23   

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  Game News - 2007-01-23
Zodiac Tower   2007-01-22  
Zodiac Tower
Zodiac Tower developed by Enkord is a brand new astrological quest combining elements of Tetris kind and matching puzzles. Somewhere in the mystical 107-levelled Zodiac Tower a machine that will take you to stars is located. By matching shapes and breaking blocks you'll unlock new rooms and levels, getting closer to heaven until it is near at hand. System requirements: OS: Win95, 98, 2000, XP, Win Me, Win NT Memory: 128 MB DirectX: 8.0 or later CPU: P600 Video: 32MB Video Card
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Mysteryville - a new seek-and-find game

Ouba vs. GarOuba puzzle
Online Games - Advanced User Guide
Online Games - Advanced User Guide
Paparazzi    2007-01-19
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Games of MCF type never fail to amaze: Paparazzi developed by Gogii Games is just the case. In this puzzle you are to live the life of a tabloid photographer who makes both ends meet by snapping photos of celebrities and selling them to tabloid newspapers. Apart from searching 15 locations for different objects, you'll also face a find-as-much-differences-as-possible challenge trying to earn cash. System Requirements: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, 800 Mhz processor, 128MB RAM

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Bubblez!     2007-01-18
While playing this classic arcade by wellgames.com in  a multiplayer mode a player is to remove as more bubbles as possible from the field. Strings of multicolored bubbles are rapidly spreading over the playfield. So, bust them with the bubbles of the same color and don't let them get to the bottom. In fact the game is very similar to Bubble Shooter, but this one goes at a much higher pace.  The game will soon appear at GameMile.        Play Bubblez! online at wellgames.com

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Rainbow Mystery     2007-01-18
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Rainbow Mystery
Rainbow Mystery published and developed by Sugar Games is a classical swap-and-match game. You will join Lily, a young girl, on her quest to break a curse cast upon her home village by solving floral puzzles. The point is to swap flowers by matching three or more items of the same blossom. Go through 70 levels, choose one of three modes available in the game, collect all 14 trophies and evil spell will be broken.

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Bubble Popper     2007-01-17
Bubble Popper
Bubble Popper was recently released by a WellGames.com, young and enthusiastic flash game developers. All you have to do is pop bubbles quicker than your opponent. This can be done with a left mouse click.    The game can be played at multiplayer and single-player modes. It just hooks you up with juicy graphics as well as easy arcade game play. Soon this game will be available at GameMile.    Play Bubble Popper online game at wellgames.com  

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