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Gaming News Headlines 2008-03-14   

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  Game News - 2008-03-14
Animal Agents   2008-03-14  
Animal Agents
Animal Agents is a hidden object game that might remind you of such titles as Polly Pride: Pet Detective or Miss Teri Tale. And you would be right in this case - it does remind them. Such pet-related games are extremely popular nowadays, and I guess you won't mind having one more game of this kind to have fun. So, you are welcome to join the detective adventure of Justin and Anna in their effort to find all the missing pets in their neighbourhood. Engaging hidden object game play, helpful aids and beutiful graphics will accompany you.
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Rainbow Web II - sequel of the popular game

Escape the Museum - a splendid blend of hidden object and quest
Sometimes the size does matter...
Sometimes the size does matter...
Chinese Chess Professional    2008-03-13
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Chinese Chess Professional
Chinese Chess Professional is a chess game from ZingMagic Limited for Pocket PCs. You are to try and capture your opponent's King in order to win. There are lots of helpers in the game to make it easier for you. You play with only seven pieces. You can choose to play against your computer or a human opponent on the same device.

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Sparkle for Mac     2008-03-12
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Sparkle for Mac
All fans of Zuma! Those who are addicted to throwing colorful balls! Lovers of Luxor series!Rejoice! Here comes a new title of your favourite genre for your Macs - Sparkle! This game will provide you all the fun you would expect from a good Marble Popper, and a lot more! Sparkle offers all the features inherent to the genre and some novelties for you to enjoy. And more than 200 levels guarantee hours of marble-popping fun!

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The History Channel Lost Worlds     2008-03-11
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The History Channel Lost Worlds
The History Channel Lost Worlds is another puzzle game combining hidden object tasks with lots of other puzzles for you to solve. This time you will be given an opportunity to discover the lost worlds and get into the very heart of ancient civilizations with their thrilling mysteries and breathtaking treasures. The game can boast very realistic graphics and is rather challenging, so be sure to have enough time and determination to start playing. These will be rewarded, as the game contains really tons of useful and interesting information on history of the civilizations considered.

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The Count of Monte Cristo     2008-03-10
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The Count of Monte Cristo
Those who are familiar with this story by Alexander Dumas' have some ideas about the game. And they are quite right - it really is about the events and characters of the famous novel. The Count of Monte Cristo, developed and published by FindHiddenObjects.com, is a classic story intwined into a hidden-object content with lots of mini-games inbetween. There are two modes in the game that differ in the time you have for the levels. They are - Normal Time and Extended Time.

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