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Gaming News Headlines 2008-03-21   

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  Game News - 2008-03-21
Pet Shop Hop   2008-03-21  
Pet Shop Hop
Playfirst continues to please its customers with the games everyone expects from them - time-managements. This time they released Pet Shop Hop, a title which is sure to gain popularity as it combines the extremely demanded time-management game play with pet theme, which also enjoys great request nowadays. In Pet Shop Hop you will have to save your little shabby family pet shop from being swallowed by MegaPet. The game gives you much freedom in choosing how to develop your shop into a mega successful store.
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Hidden Wonders of the Depths - a unique mix of puzzle genres

Fashion Solitaire - a designer card game
Pure genres vs. Mix
Pure genres vs. Mix
Aces Texas Hold'em - No limits    2008-03-20
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Aces Texas Hold'em - No limits
Aces Texas Hold'em - No limits from Concrete Software for Palm OS. The game is a perfect place to play poker with your friends and foes whenever and wherever you want to. The game turned to be so great because of you being the one to set almost the whole process. You can personalize not only your character but also your opponents.

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The Count of Monte Cristo for Mac     2008-03-19
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The Count of Monte Cristo for Mac
Those who are familiar with this story by Alexander Dumas' have some ideas about the game. And they are quite right - it really is about the events and characters of the famous novel. The Count of Monte Cristo, developed and published by FindHiddenObjects.com, is a classic story intwined into a hidden-object content with lots of mini-games inbetween. There are two modes in the game that differ in the time you have for the levels. They are - Normal Time and Extended Time. Welcome the game for your Mac!

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Can You See What I See     2008-03-18
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Can You See What I See
Can you See What I See? That's what developers of the game are asking you. As you may guess from the name, this is a hidden object game. But I should say it stands out in the row of such games so numerous and popular nowadays. The idea and its realisation are absolutely terrific. If you like hidden objects but are tired of all similar game stories and graphical solutions - try this one.

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Escape the Museum     2008-03-17
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Escape the Museum
Escape the Museum - another logic game full of different puzzles for you to solve and adventures to experience. In this game from Gogii Games you are to get out of a museum you are working in. Not only this are you to do, but you are also to save your daughter trying to recover some of the artefacts on your way out. The game is full of different puzzles.

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