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Gaming News Headlines 2008-07-04   

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  Game News - 2008-07-04
Ranch Rush   2008-07-04  
Ranch Rush
Fresh Games and Alias Worlds have brought us a great example of time-management games that make you click, and click, and click, and never stop until the game is over. Ranch Rush is one of such games. You have three acres of land to do there whatever you wish - and save your ranch from bankruptsy. You have 8 weeks, a starting capital and a host of grateful customers - and your strategic thinking to cope with all this and earn the necessary money. You will plan your ranch development, plant seeds and harvest the crops, take care of animals, make milk, honey and ketchup and sell your products at Farmer's Market each Saturday. You will decide where to put your land, your wells, barns and machines and organize your work as efficiently as you can in two modes: Casual and Expert. Beautiful graphics and merry country music enrich your game experience immensely.
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Zoo Vet: Endangered Animals - feel yourself a real veterinarian

Build-in-Time - time-management game under construction
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Holiday Gifts
Holiday Gifts
Aces Tournament for Pocket PC    2008-07-03
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Aces Tournament for Pocket PC
Aces Tournament Timer is an innovative way to play Texas Hold'em on your Pocket PC. The game is developed and published by Concrete Software, Inc. to make your device a gateway to even more funny gambling. The major feature of the game is the timer clearly shown on the screen together with some other information about blinds. This particular game features a timer that is very helpful in Texas Hold'em. The figures are quite big. The screen also shows current blind and next blind. In this game Texas Hold'em is more convenient to be played anywhere and any time you want without any extra effort.

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Fashion Fits for Mac     2008-07-02
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Fashion Fits for Mac
Fashion Fits! - a time management type game for Mac from Fugazo, Inc.You are a young Francie who got a job at a clothes store. She is to prove herself as a good worker to her boss, who only gives instructions and is always away getting all the benefit for her work. The task is to keep the store in order - serve the customers, clean the fitting rooms, and stock the tables. You are to encounter different types of customers, everyone with his/her special whims and desires.

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Ancient Quest of Saqqarah     2008-07-01
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Ancient Quest of Saqqarah
Game Club Cafe and Codeminion offer you to venture for the Ancient Quest of Saqqarah and save the world in this puzzle game featuring a whole collection of various puzzle types. Striking visuals and sounds together with challenging game play will keep everyone playing for hours. Seven underground temples need your help to be restored. You will play seven types of matching puzzles, some traditional and some unique, 24 levels of each. Amazing Egyptian environment allows you to plunge to the game fully and fascinating puzzles won't let you go back.

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Tradewinds Caravans     2008-06-30
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Tradewinds Caravans
Tradewinds Caravans, developed and published by Sandlot Games, is one of those games that stand out amongst other casual games. You don't see lots of games like this one these days. You are to make your way from China to the Mediterranean Sea encountering different challenges and obstacles. You have to be a wise merchant, a fearless warrior and a careful traveller. Tradewinds Caravans is a game full of everything, it will be a good choice for those who love to take their time and dive deep into the simulation game.  

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