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Gaming News Headlines 2008-08-01   

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  Game News - 2008-08-01
Yummy Drink Factory   2008-08-01  
Yummy Drink Factory
Yummy Drink Factory is a new time-management game from Amaranth Games. The game looks very cute and it really is. But don't expect the same challenge level as you would from an average time-management game. According to the story you are a rude girl who got a little bit lost and needs a way out. She enters a coffee shop and meets a witch who, instead of helping her by telling the way out, helps her by casting a spell on her. Finding herself on an island she meets different citizens like dwarves or elves. These creatures come to make orders of what they would like to drink to her stand.
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Stand O' Food 2 - Must Be Quick

Bloom Busters - Protect Your Farm and Forest
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Our favorite games: PC or board?
Our favorite games: PC or board?
Aces Omaha for Pocket PC    2008-07-31
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Aces Omaha for Pocket PC
Aces Omaha is a card game from Concrete Software. The game is as exiting as Aces Texas Hold'em. You get more cards here, which means you get more challenge. The game fits every player since it is very adjustable and has tons of settings. You can modify your opponents, making them look and act as you wish. By the way, for those who want to become real masters of the game - by setting the highest level of intelligence for your opponents you can work at your own skills. You can see three of them at a time, and you just have to scroll to see the rest of them. The game is perfect with what it looks and plays like for such a small device as Pocket PC.

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Profitville for Mac     2008-07-30
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Profitville for Mac
Profitville is a micromanagement game developed by Myth People for your Mac. You are to save Profitville by working at the conveyers, packing and shipping boxes. The game is full of power-ups and bonuses, so it takes some strategy to get them. The game features two modes: Story and Survival. The graphics are really cool and bright and attractive. Profitville gets really addictive as you try to pack the boxes with only one click and get another helper.

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Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan     2008-07-29
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Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan
Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan by I-play is a fourth release of enjoyable hidden-object games series. Those who played Dream Day Wedding , Dream Day Honeymoon or Dream Day First Home know what to anticipate in this sequel. I'm sure that great fans of these games don't need longs discriptions cause they already know what they take. But for those who need those, I'll give some. You are to help Jenny and Robert's friends with their weddings now. The game looks really gorgeous. The classic music match all these rose-petals so very well. The game is not only an enjoyable experience, but also a number of interesting puzzles for you to solve in hidden-object levels and mini-games.

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Alex Gordon     2008-07-28
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Alex Gordon
Alex Gordon is a treasure hunter of amazing qualification. But this time his sister has been kidnapped, and to save her he will venture to a dangerous quest. Alawar Games and DayTerium offer you a trip full of adventures and jeopardies, treasures and magic - and platformer fun! Actually the game is a typical platformer and presents nothing special in terms of game play. Your task is to pass increasingly difficult levels, jumping on platforms and collecting coins and gems. During the game you will meet enemies to fight and secret places to look for. You will also occasionally find extra lives and hearts replenishing Alex's health - they prove to be very useful later in the game. While the game play is quite traditional, the game features very pleasant graphics and music, so if you enjoy platformer games - this one is a great choice!

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