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Gaming News Headlines 2008-09-05   

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  Game News - 2008-09-05
Farm Frenzy 2   2008-09-05  
Farm Frenzy 2
Alawar Games together with Melesta have released a continuation for their genuinely successful strategy game Farm Frenzy. In Farm Frenzy 2 you'll again meet the task of making all types of agricultural products and earning money, as well as all the fun of the game. The game offers not much of a story. Actually, there is no story at all, you just have your own farm to develop and some resources to do this. But the game needs no story, for the game play itself is so engaging that you want nothing more. Each level offers you a certain set of resources and a certain goal to achieve. And at each level you are granted enough resources to complete it once you use them wisely and apply your strategic thinking. I could tell you a lot more about the particularities of the game, but there is no need. You'll see everything by yourself. I'll just mention the great visuals and sounds of the game, as well as 17 secret gags to find. Just enjoy!
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Home Sweet Home 2 - interior designer sequel

Beach Party Craze - hot time-management game
New Online Game
Summer Pastimes
Summer Pastimes
Marble Worlds for Smartphone    2008-09-04
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Marble Worlds for Smartphone
Marble Worlds - a casual game for your Pocket PC from 4Pockets. You are to travel through all kinds of marble worlds. You play with a marble that you guide through the game. Each level has up to 9 areas you are to go through. The game is full of power-ups to help you on the way. The game is very addictive and good for such devices as Smartphones. The graphics are bright and good for comprehension on a small screen.

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The Great Chocolate Chase for Mac     2008-09-03
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The Great Chocolate Chase for Mac
Well you'd better not be hungry when you start playing this game. The Great Chocolate Chase is a new delicious time-management game from Zemnott, Inc and PlayFirst. Another warning is get some chocolate before you play it because you are going to want some afterwards for sure. You play as Evangeline Baumeister who runs confectionaries all over the world. But step-by-step she earns more money, gets new clients, buys new equipment and ungrades the look of each place. The game offers two modes: Story and Endless. In between the days you get to the store to buy different kinds of ugrades. You upgrade your equipement, skills and decoration.

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Dress Up Rush     2008-09-02
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Dress Up Rush
Dress Up Rush is a game that is in line with two up-to-date tendencies of the casual games market. First, it is a time-management game in a clothes store department. Second, it's a sequel to an extremely popular series of time-management games. Actually, the second sequel in the series during this week. You will once more meet Jane, the purposeful young lady so familiar to you, and venture to another business challenge with her. This time your mission is to bring a stylish store with designer clothes to thriving - and to have fun, of course!

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Azada: Ancient Magic     2008-09-01
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Azada: Ancient Magic
Azada: Ancient Magic is a sequel of a hidden object adventure hit. The news of Big Fish Games' developing this sequel will be a day brightener for many many fans of the previous game and the genre fans. This time you are going to deal with books too. But in this game, you'll go through a number of classic literature works and meet well-known characters. You play book after book here, which means that the puzzle may include several pages now. All in all the game is so very great and proves to be a hit.

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