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Gaming News Headlines 2008-09-19   

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  Game News - 2008-09-19
System Mania   2008-09-19  
System Mania
PI EYE Games offer you to try their new game System Mania - a release with a unique game play which is bound to find its fans, though some of you might not appreciate the mechanics. The story of the game is the usual story of success characteristic of the time-management genre. You will act as Fiona, a young girl and an ex-employee of Mount Shine Space Agency. Now she decides to open her own tech support shop, and, surely, the game begins. Welcome to Fiona's Fix-It Shop! The game play is very simple, but challenging. You'll have to turn off red lights before they blow up.
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Magic Encyclopedia- enchanting puzzle game

Amazing Adventures: Around the World - a hidden object sequel
New Online Game
Cream of the Crop
Cream of the Crop
Multiplayer Backgammon for Palm OS    2008-09-18
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Multiplayer Backgammon for Palm OS
Multiplayer Backgammon is a casual board game from RealDice Inc. The game is full of everything to be your favourite one on your Palm OS. All the features and build-in options make more than just a game. If you feel like you are good enough, you can try playing with other enthusiasts online. Here are the features that the game offers you to enjoy wonderful graphics, a high quality single player experience, with 3 unique, professional grade AI opponents, quick games, Series matches, Hotseat option, board customization, statistics and Career mode.

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Ancient Quest of Saqqarah for Mac     2008-09-17
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Ancient Quest of Saqqarah for Mac
Game Club Cafe and Codeminion offer you to venture for the Ancient Quest of Saqqarah and save the world in this puzzle game featuring a whole collection of various puzzle types for your Mac. Striking visuals and sounds together with challenging game play will keep everyone playing for hours. Seven underground temples need your help to be restored. You will play seven types of matching puzzles, some traditional and some unique, 24 levels of each. Amazing Egyptian environment allows you to plunge to the game fully and fascinating puzzles won't let you go back.

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Turbo Fiesta     2008-09-16
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Turbo Fiesta
All fans of Turbo series, rejoice! The third part has been released lately, and this game meets all the expectations you might have! This time Aliasworlds and I-play offer you a trip into space in an attempt to build a successful business there! The familiar addictive game play, cute graphics and some awesome new features will make your experience with Turbo Fiesta unforgettable! You will travel with Rebecca and Robert to different planets and sell Burritos, Enchiladas and other delicious treasures of Mexican cuisine to astronauts, having fun, of course!

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Fashion Apprentice     2008-09-15
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Fashion Apprentice
Fashion Apprentice is a try to bring something new to the genre of hidden object games. And it's not that the game fails to, it's just that these new things need a little bit more work. This hidden object game developed by Territory IT Nord and published by MumboJumbo takes you to the world that is usually associated with time-management games. You play as a young girl Anna. Unwilling to listen to her dad and follow his way to become a lawyer, she gets instead into the world of fashion helping her aunt. There's a number of task types for Anna. It's either just searchig through the scenes or finding the differences between two scenes or finding things with a flashlight or finding things of a special type.

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