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Gaming News Headlines 2008-10-03   

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  Game News - 2008-10-03
The Hidden Object Show: Season 2   2008-10-03  
The Hidden Object Show: Season 2
If you enjoy hidden object games and are a fan of TV show, this game is a perfect fit for you! Gogii Games in cooperation with Spintop games offer you the second part of The Hidden Object Show. Here you'll find a really wide selection of hidden object gamу play modes and prizes to win, fun mini-games and festive atmosphere of a TV show. s in the first part, there is no story worth mentioning, you are just a participant of a show with prizes and all necessary attributes of such events and with hidden object levels as main tasks. Dare you compete for the grand prize in the huge amusement park?
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Cassandra's Journey: The Legacy of Nostradamus - new I-spy game

Octoberfest at Big Fish Games - great offer
New Online Game
Cream of the Crop
Cream of the Crop
Text Twist for Palm    2008-10-02
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Text Twist for Palm
Text Twist is a thumbs up game that will get all of you. You are to create the words out of the scrambled 6 letter words. You need to guess the word that uses all of the letters to get to the next level. The time is limitted in Text Twist, so you have to think of as many words as possible in the given time and even more in order to get to the next level. You get more points for longer words. The game makes you think of the words not everyone may even know, so the game is really challenging as well as educative.

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Cooking Academy for Mac     2008-10-01
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Cooking Academy for Mac
Cooking Academy is a cooking game for Mac from Fugazo. The game is going to be more educative than entertaining for many people. You are going to learn cooking techniques and provided you are good enough to get a culinary degree. You are to cook some of the recipes and pass some exams but whatever you are doing will always have something to do with cooking. Some of the tasks are not that difficult but some require very accurate touches with your mouse.

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Magic Encyclopedia: First Story     2008-09-30
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Magic Encyclopedia: First Story
Alawar Games together with V-games offer you to open Magic Encyclopedia and plunge into the world of magic and mystery. This game is a perfect blend of addictive puzzle game play andimmersive atmosphere of magical world. In Magic Encyclopedia: First Story you will find yourself acting as Catherine, the top student of the Academy of Magic, where young people learn to use their powers to control nature. Just after your exams you get a disturbing message brought to you by a paper bird. The game play is really addictive, as you don't just look for hidden items but assemble them and use them to find some other things.

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Scrapbook Paige     2008-09-29
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Scrapbook Paige
Most of the games attract people according to their genre preferences. This one from Aisle 5 Games is not at all like that. I bet it will attract more of scrapbooking fans than hidden-object ones. Scrapbook Paige doesn't give you any intriguing stories. You are just to help Paige in her scrapbook shop. The game features two modes - timed and relaxed. In every level, three areas are highlighted for you, all of which are parts of scrapbooking process. Choosing one of them you start the hidden-object part. The next step is creating a scrapbook ordered by your clients.

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