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Gaming News Headlines 2008-12-19   

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  Game News - 2008-12-19
Pictureka Museum Mayhem   2008-12-19  
Pictureka Museum Mayhem
Pictureka! Museum Mayhem is a hidden object game that is instantly distinguished among other HOGs due to its unusual graphics and fun game play. You will meet the most weird characters and encounter cute but challenging tasks in this cartoon-like game.The basic game play is that of hidden object style, where you look for items in a screen overloaded with, actually, items. On the whole the game is quite specific, and the graphics is very unusual for hidden objects. If you enjoy the genre and are tired of all the detective stories and ancient ruines, Pictureka! can be a really nice change!
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Dracula: Origin - 3D vampire adventure

Burger Island 2: The Missing Ingredients - zany time-management
New Online Game
First gifts are in
First gifts are in
Solitaire Studio for Pocket PC    2008-12-18
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Solitaire Studio for Pocket PC
Solitaire Studio is a game from Absolutist.com for those who love patience. A great collection of exquisite solitaires taken from all over the world. Choose any of them and you are sure to spend hours playing and enjoying the game. New version adds more games to the collection, giving you more and more pleasure. The rules are really simple but it isn't as easy as it seems at the first glance to build these patience. Challenge your brains and try to play these games. Feel that you can design your own patience - try to do it! There is a special option for you to make it possible.

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Hidden Expedition: Amazon for Mac     2008-12-17
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Hidden Expedition: Amazon for Mac
Those who are in casual games for a long time don't need lots of details about this game, because they already know what to expect. Having played Hidden Expedition: Titanic and Hidden Expedition: Everest, you know that the next sequel just can't be bad, it can only be better. And those who hear the title for the first time, you... you just trust the previous sentence. Hidden Expedition: Amazon for  Mac, this new game from Big Fish Games, takes you on a journey to absolutely different locations all around the world. The game is full of everything and a good thing is that you are not limited by time (as long as it is not a trial version). Which means that you can take your time and enjoy the whole process.

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Secret Missions: Mata Hari and the
Kaiser's Submarines
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Secret Missions: Mata Hari and the Kaiser's Submarines
I bet each of you has heard the name of Mata Hari, perhaps the most famous female spy in history. Now you have a chance to get an inside look into the dangerous but extremely enthralling work of secret agents during the World War I. During the game she will search different locations, seduce men, learn the details of top secret military operations and in the end find the secret German submarine base. The whole game play is divided into separate missions, and for each of them you will have a number of tasks to accomplish. The tasks will be presented to you one by one, so you never know when the mission is complete. On the whole the game is quite addictive, puzzles interesting and audiovisuals pleasant.

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Nightshift Legacy: The Jaguar's Eye     2008-12-15
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Nightshift Legacy: The Jaguar's Eye
Black Hummer Productions have developed and PlayFirst have published a new sequel of a hidden-object and puzzle game - Nightshift Legacy: The Jaguar's Eye. The sequel may bring out thoughts and emotions different form those from the first one, but it is still worth our attention anyways. We meet the same characters from the first game - Mike and Isabel. And again they are found in the process of search, dangerous search. The game offers 6 chapters in total with several different levels each. So this is what Nightshift Legacy: The Jaguar's Eye offers us: intriguing story, challenging tasks and nice audio-visuals.

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