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Gaming News Headlines 2009-02-06   

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  Game News - 2009-02-06
Totem Tribe   2009-02-06  
Totem Tribe
The new and totally addictive game Totem Tribe will make you in charge of a small tribe trying to survive and lead a healthy and stable life. The strategy game play offers much diversity, and the stunning graphics are beyond any praise. So, you start your game as Aruku, the young, beautiful and very responsible chieftain of the Hawk Tribe. Everything used to be steady and peaceful on their Planet, until the Epoch of the Comet came and disturbing signs appeared in space. As to the game play, as I already said, it's mainly strategy. For each island you'll have a number of objectives revealed to you one by one.
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Conga Bugs - fun marble popper game

Wendy's Wellness - sporty time-management game
New Online Game
New Year - New Hits
New Year - New Hits
Gem Slider 3    2009-02-05
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Gem Slider 3
This is a new release of a most popular game for Palm OS from Absolutist.com. Gem Slider 3 offers the same fun but with improved graphics and lots of new effects. Several difficulty levels that gradually increase make the game interesting for any kind of player. The goal for you in the game is simple - to remove all the gems from the board, sliding them from the edges. Online contest for the best players.

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Book of Legends for Mac     2009-02-04
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Book of Legends for Mac
Book of Legends is a hidden object/adventure game for Mac developed and published by Gogii Games. You are taken on a journey with two siblings in search of King Arthur's sword. Starting from Washington D.C. they head to Europe and Asia then. One of them, Charlie, has opened a book from the library and it turnes out to be the Book of Legends. The book can give clues to finding the sword of King Arthur himself - an irresistably attractive thing for a little boy. The game is full of different kinds of puzzles and tons of hidden object games.

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LeeLoo's Talent Agency     2009-02-03
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LeeLoo's Talent Agency
In LeeLoo's Talent Agency you'll get two in one - a concept really popular in our world of time and money saving. This game offers an addictive combination of challenging time-management and creative hidden object levels, with some fun quest elements. So, you start with a small studio, tons of enthusiasm and a film concept from producers. I should also note that the graphics are really nice and eye-catching, with all the bright colors, cute characters and great stylistic solutions for each film theme - be sure you'll enjoy it not less than a good comedy.

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Jetsetter     2009-02-02
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If you saw "Devil wears Prada" and remember how the poor girl was given some very challenging tasks and had no way of not accomplishing them, then you get the idea of the main character of the game's job. The game published by Uclick is full of hidden object levels.  The locations are really cluttered with everything. You get a list of items to find and a few chips that work as hints. You can get the new chips by playing at a casino.The games include blackjack, roulette, and jewel madness, which is a gem-themed slot machine.

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