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Gaming News Headlines 2009-02-13   

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  Game News - 2009-02-13
Shop-n-Spree   2009-02-13  
Shop-n-Spree is a hidden object game with a theme mostly found in the time-management games - running your own Department Store. With game play really challenging and diverse, colors bright and theme appealing the game constitutes one of the best samples of non-mysterious hidden object games of all times. As you might understand, the story of the game is mainly about attracting and retaining customers for your store and not letting the business shark buy your enterprise in order to construct a parking lot in its place. he games are offered after each hidden object level and present different types of matching, memory and find differences tasks, some really exciting and innovative, I should say.
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Undiscovered World: The Incan Sun - mysterious HOG

Wonderland Adventures: Mysteries of Fire Island - cute puzzle
New Online Game
All You Need Is Love
All You Need Is Love
Fix-it-up: Kate's Adventure for Mac    2009-02-12
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Fix-it-up: Kate's Adventure for Mac
A new simulation game Fix-it-up: Kate's Adventure for Mac presents one of the most popular types of game mechanics (resembling that of Build-a-lot) in a totally new theme - car service. This makes it attractive for both strategy and simulation fans as well as those in love with automobile industry. Kate is definitely a very talented car mechanic, and she is determined to prove it first by setting the declined auto workshop of her father's up and running. On the whole the game is really addictive and the game play is diverse enough for you to build your own strategy and reach your goals your way!

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Wendy's Wellness     2009-02-10
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Wendy's Wellness
Sugar Games offer you a new addictive time-management game that will surely find its fans. Wendy's Wellness stays in the same line with Sally's and Jane's series - and guarantees the same fun for all time-management addicts. Wendy is a fitness maniac, as well as her uncle, and so she decides to open her own wellness centre with all the possible services when the last one in her town closed up (using the uncle's money, of course). So, the basic game play, as I already mentioned, is time-management. Customers come to your centre wishing to use some of your services. On the whole the game is of rather high quality and definitely deserves your attention. Welcome to Wendy's Wellness!

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Nick Chase: A Detective Story     2009-02-09
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Nick Chase: A Detective Story
Nick Chase: A Detective Story is a very neat puzzle game from GestaltGames and Big Fish Games. The wrapping of the game is very attractive and the puzzles themselves are very tasty for this genre gourmands. The main character is one of those detectives that don't have lots of words, friends and warm feelings toward anybody. So, the story gets him to find a manuscript of Leonardo himself. This jobs takes him to different places and different people. For you this means lots of puzzles of all kinds. These include hidden object games, jigsaw puzzles, finding and using some items on the scene to proceed, swapping games, and much more..

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Mark and Mandi's Love Story     2009-02-08
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Mark and Mandi's Love Story
Mark and Mandi's Love Story is a nice preholiday offer from Springbay Studio. The game features a light story, lots of mini-games and quirky graphics. Even though it takes time for the game to get more challenging, it is still a lot of fun setting your mind toward the holiday theme. The title is not lying - you do get a chance to see the love story of the couple from the very beginning till, well not the end, but what is called the "happy end" or "ever after". All in all the game is an enjoyable experience if you are not looking for high speed and challenge race. But if you want something relaxing and relationship-themed, that's what you need.

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