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Gaming News Headlines 2009-02-27   

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  Game News - 2009-02-27
Continental Cafe   2009-02-27  
Continental Cafe
Welcome to Continental Cafe - the new game offering you a whole collection of puzzle mini-games together with some hidden object level as a treat. Popular restaurant theme, travels all over the world and challenging puzzles make the game a great sample of a potential hit, and its replay value is amazing. Actually, Laura Speed was just dreaming of having her own restaurant while working 18 hours a day at a cheap diner and buying cooking magazines on credit in the local convenience store. But her life changed in a moment - she had a chance to open her own place. The graphics of the game is bright and pleasant, and the game on the whole as of high quality. So, will Continental Cafe be our favorite place to visit?
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The Wizard's Pen - unique hidden object game

Plant This! - innovative strategy game
New Online Game
All You Need Is Love
All You Need Is Love
Boa Constrictor for Pocket    2009-02-26
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Boa Constrictor for Pocket
Boa Constrictor is a great arcade game from Absolutist.com for Pocket PC, which is based upon the good old SnakePit, and adds a host of new features and tricks. Two-player mode is provided. Several dozen of labyrinth rooms are available in full version, as well as different skill levels and playing modes. When the meal is over and nothing left to eat, a portal to the next level is opened. Every time Boa eats one food item, it grows by one segment. If you feel it has become too long and unwieldy, try to bite off the last segment of its tail. Both installer and uninstaller are included. All your best results are submitted to the server and take part in the World-wide contest.

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Chocolatier: Decadence By Design for Mac     2009-02-25
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Chocolatier: Decadence By Design for Mac
Chocolatier: Decadence By Design is a new sequel of a hit simulation game for Mac.  Developed by Big Splash Games and published by PlayFirst, the game takes you again into chocolate factories business. Even though the goals are the same, the techniques are pretty familiar, there still is some new interesting featues and the wraping itself to get you involved. In this sequel you take over the family business from Alex, who set off to find her husband that never came back from the war. What war? World War II - this is the era you are in. It will be a fresh gaming experience for the fans of the game as well as an interesting and addictive experience for the freshmen.

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Costume Chaos     2009-02-24
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Costume Chaos
Though the winter holiday season is over, we seek for more way to retain the festive mood. And Costume Chaos is a game that will surely help you in this quest, as here you will run your own costume rental shop. The colorful graphics and wide range of costumes as well as the unique combination of two games in one will guarantee you tons of fun and hours of addictive game play. While the basic game play is time-management, and presents nothing really unusual (which doesn't mean it's not fun and addictive), very soon you'll find yourself playing two games at a time. So, why not plunge into the festive atmosphere once more?

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Emerald City Confidential     2009-02-23
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Emerald City Confidential
Emerald City Confidential is a new game to take you into Oz you have never seen before. The new puzzle game was developed by Wadjet Eye Games and published by PlayFirst. You are to solve a case going through a number of mysteries. And you go through all of the journey with already familiar characters - Scarecrow, Lion, Dorothy and Toto. The money offered for the case you are to solve made it worthy to take up but soon Petra, your character, realizes the depth of mysteries and danger. Emerald City Confidential is a beautiful game with lovingly-crafted, detailed scenes and plenty of animation.

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