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Gaming News Headlines 2009-03-20   

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  Game News - 2009-03-20
Lost In The City   2009-03-20  
Lost In The City
Lost in The City is a thrilling quest game with a completely engaging story, addictive game play and high quality graphics. Though some of the features might be annoying, on the whole the game is definitely worth trying. It is called "The gloomiest story of love and hate", and I'm rather prone to agree. But I'll let you discover the whole story by yourself and talk about the game play instead. For each chapter you'll have a number of tasks to complete. Some of them are presented in a strict sequence and some can be fulfilled in any order. There are also some mini-games, mostly jigsaw puzzles, to make the game play a bit more diverse.
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Think and plan!
Think and plan!
Bubble Thriller for Palm    2009-03-19
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Bubble Thriller for Palm
Bubble Thriller is a new arcade game from Absolutist.com where you pop color bubbles for points. It is really addictive, so be prepared for hours and days of playing. Sounds simple, but try it, and you'll never forget that thrilling feeling when a flock of bubbles flies in and you never know if they are going to end the game. The goal is to score high by clearing the bubbles from the board. When you click on a bubble it blows up and detonates all its neighbours of the same color.

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Spa Mania for Mac     2009-03-18
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Spa Mania for Mac
The spa theme is not new for casual games. What is remarcable about Spa Mania for Mac is that it managed to combine both the challenge and the relaxation parts. You do need to be quick but at the same time you get into the relaxing atmosphere and get away from the real world. Jade starts her own spa business fighting for the rights of the animals. Before every level you can go to the dress-up room and see what new colors for Jade's outfit are unlocked. Time-management part is very important for reaching the max goal here.

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Amelie's Cafe     2009-03-17
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Amelie's Cafe
The new time-management game from BOOLAT Games and Alawar Entertainment presents nothing unusual or extraordinary, but it is still a very good yet traditional time-management title with pleasant graphics and friendly characters.You get a cafe with customers coming to your counter and cooks' tables where the food is prepared. And, of course, a waitress to run frantically among all the spots. The sequence of actions is rather easy. So, choose between the Career and Survival modes and start having fun in Amelie's Cafe!

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Women's Murder Club: A Darker Shade
of Grey
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Women's Murder Club: A Darker Shade of Grey
Women's Murder Club: A Darker Shade of Grey is a new release of a hit hidden object game to please all of the fans of the genre. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the new piece of art from Floodlight Games and I-play. This second installment in the Women's Murder Club series deals with the death of a young student at a military academy. At first, his fall from a cliff seems like little more than a tragic jogging accident, and the school's headmaster is eager to have the case closed – a little too eager for Detective Lindsay Boxer's liking.

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