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Gaming News Headlines 2009-04-03   

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  Game News - 2009-04-03
Romopolis   2009-04-03  
Romopolis is a game that combines truly addictive and challenging game play with amazing graphics and immersive atmosphere of ancient Rome. This week has brought us several games that creatively remake the idea of Build-a-lot strategy game play and put it to historic setting. Romopolis is a great example how it can be done to make a perfect game. I must say the game is genuinely challenging, and you do have to think hard and quick at the same time, but the fun is worth the effort. And if you don't want to fulfill missions someone designed for you, you are welcome to select the Sandbox mode and construct your own city as you wish.
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The Legend of Crystal Valley - tricky adventure game

Puzzle Park - amusing puzzle game
New Online Game
Think and plan!
Think and plan!
BoXplosion for Smartphone    2009-04-02
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BoXplosion for Smartphone
BoXplosion is arcade software developed by Absolutist.com for Smartphone. The basic goal is to clear the field that is always being filled up by deleting three or more bricks that stand together. The game has an unlimited number of levels that become more and more complicated. Enjoy new skins for any taste. Use various bonuses and tricks to explode the oncoming blocks! In this game you have to remove like-colored blocks that are in clusters so that they couldn't fill the board to the top.

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Emerald City Confidential for Mac     2009-04-01
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Emerald City Confidential for Mac
Emerald City Confidential for Mac is a new game to take you into Oz you have never seen before. The new puzzle game was developed by Wadjet Eye Games and published by PlayFirst. You are to solve a case going through a number of mysteries. And you go through all of the journey with already familiar characters - Scarecrow, Lion, Dorothy and Toto. The money offered for the case you are to solve made it worthy to take up but soon Petra, your character, realizes the depth of mysteries and danger. Emerald City Confidential is a beautiful game with lovingly-crafted, detailed scenes and plenty of animation.

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Be A King     2009-03-31
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Be A King
Have you even dreamt of being a king? But have you ever thought what that really means? Be A King, the new strategy game introduced by game developers, will give you a great chance to try this yourself. Thanks to the addictive Build-a-lot-like game play, exciting new twists and the eye-catching graphics the game is one of the best titles released lately.

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Insider Tales: The Stolen Venus     2009-03-30
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Insider Tales: The Stolen Venus
Insider Tales: The Stolen Venus is one of the latest releases. The game is developed and published by Intenium. It offers lots of hidden object levels and a range of mini-games to play. You play as a young detective named Francesca DiPorta. This young beautiful lady is to find out who is behind stealing a painting from a gallery. Though the hidden object sections are disappointingly ordinary, the plethora of minigames that take place between levels almost makes up for them. While it might not quite be the hidden object game you were hoping for, you 'll likely still find Insider Tales: The Stolen Venus entertaining enough to see it through to the end.

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