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Gaming News Headlines 2009-04-30   

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  Game News - 2009-04-30
Rotate Mania 2 for Palm   2009-04-30  
Rotate Mania 2 for Palm
Rotate Mania is a fresh new game from Absolutist.com, combining elements of arcade and puzzle to form a very addictive mix. If you like Tetris, Clickomania, Collapse, then this game will definitely be something of a great interest for you. The game combines not only several game genres that were already mentioned, but also different modes and difficulty levels. Several game modes and skill levels are included in the game.
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Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch - expected HOG sequel

Puppy Stylin` - funny time-management game
New Online Game
Think and plan!
Think and plan!
Wendy's Wellness for Mac    2009-04-29
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Wendy's Wellness for Mac
Sugar Games offer you a new addictive time-management game for Mac that will surely find its fans. Wendy's Wellness stays in the same line with Sally's and Jane's series - and guarantees the same fun for all time-management addicts. Wendy is a fitness maniac, as well as her uncle, and so she decides to open her own wellness centre with all the possible services when the last one in her town closed up (using the uncle's money, of course). So, the basic game play, as I already mentioned, is time-management. Customers come to your centre wishing to use some of your services. On the whole the game is of rather high quality and definitely deserves your attention. Welcome to Wendy's Wellness!

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Affair Bureau     2009-04-28
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Affair Bureau
The fans of hidden object genre should pay atention to this new title featuring traditional game play, diverse and creative mini-games and quite a high level of challenge, combined  with unique and appealing graphics. Alex, a former police officer, is absolutely tired of investigating only some trifle cases in his Affair Bureau. So when a mysterious woman comes to him leaving her business card on his desk, he decides to find out who she is and what she wants. There are also some twists in the game play, like the Crime Computer where you'll look for info on suspects and learn some new facts.

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Plan It Green     2009-04-27
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Plan It Green
The family of resource management games that has been enlarging with significant speed lately, received a new and exciting member - Plan It Green. Besides a very well-balanced and diverse game play the title offers a theme that appeals to anyone who is concerned about the state of Earth and our ecology - environmental protection. The basic game mechanics is typical for all the games of the genre. For each level you have a number of goals to fulfill and some resources to start with. The graphics of Plan It Green are also very elaborate and make you watch the smog disappear and your city going green with keen interest. Thanks to that and the perfect balance of game play difficulty the game is a must try!

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Hidden in Time Mirror Mirror     2009-04-26
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Hidden in Time Mirror Mirror
Hidden in Time Mirror Mirror is a new release born into the hidden object games genre. You are limited in time to find out your ancestry solving some misteries and going through a number of trials. Hidden in Time: Mirror Mirror begins with a good news/bad news situation. The good news is that your antique mirror seems to indicate that you're a descendant of the former residents of Castle Fairwich. The bad news is that Castle Fairwich is slated to be sold in nine days, so if you want to solve the mystery of your ancestry and the Castle's legendary magic mirror,  you'd better hustle.

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