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Gaming News Headlines 2009-06-19   

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  Game News - 2009-06-19
World Adventure   2009-06-19  
World Adventure
World Adventure is a new beautiful and really challenging match 3 game which is bound to draw your attention not only with the gorgeous surroundings it offers but also with the fascinating game play twists that make it more a strategy game than just an ordinarymatching puzzle. If your grandfather, the famous Philip Foxworthy, world-grade archaeologist, goes missing in the middle of an extremely dangerous expedition, and you are the hero of a new casual game, what do you do? Yes, that's right, you follow his steps trying to find him and, certainly, the 12 great artifacts he was after. So, are you ready for your World Adventure?
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Lovely Kitchen - girly time-management game

Big Brain Wolf - tricky puzzle game
New Online Game
Your point of view is valued
Your point of view is valued
Checkers Challenge for Smartphone    2009-06-18
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Checkers Challenge for Smartphone
Challenging new game by Absolutist.com for all fans of board games. Either you need some training for your logic and strategical skills, or you are in need of some rest, this game will be a perfect pastime for you. Play wonderful Checkers Challenge everywhere on your Windows desktop computer. The game is played on a board with dark and light squares, arranged in an 8x8 grid. Each player sets his 12 pieces on his side of the board in three ranks on dark checks. Checkers is played on the dark squares only. The players move one piece at one turn. The pieces may be moved diagonally. A piece can only be moved forward. If one of your pieces is next to the opponents piece and the square beyond it is free, you are required to jump over the opponents

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Wandering Willows for Mac     2009-06-17
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Wandering Willows for Mac
Wandering Willows, the newest release from PlayFirst, is a delightful and unique adventure that sends you on a journey to whimsical lands of magical creatures and zany new friends. You and your trusty new pet will do everything from digging holes to dealing with Alien aircraft while charming your way into the hearts of everyone finally finding your way home. After a bird tears a hole in your hot air balloon you find yourself stranded on a beautiful island inhabited by people who are so happy there they never want to leave.  You do want to go home, though, and to do so you are going to need help and good friends to get you there.

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Hidden Wonders of the Depths 2: Around
the World
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Hidden Wonders of the Depths 2: Around the World
The beautiful and addictive game Hidden Wonders of the Depths has recently received a continuation that features all the advantages of the first part and offers even more fun! Actually, the game offers no story at all, which is well compensated by the game play and graphics value. As you might guess, the vast variety of game modes of the original game is preserved in the sequel. Besides match 3 you will also play some traditional collapse levels, as well as memory game and bonus hidden object levels.

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Sunset Studio Love on the High Seas     2009-06-15
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Sunset Studio Love on the High Seas
Sunset Studio: Love on the High Seas is kind of like a great burger joint that also serves delicious fries and milkshakes. The main entree is more than enough reason for you to visit, but the extras are so unusually good that they make the overall experience into a one of a kind. You begin Love on the High Seas by showing up for your first day as the assistant to the tempestuous actress Kat, who's currently filming a blockbuster called Titanship. The director calls the production a "calamity," and everywhere you turn, something seems to be going wrong. Hopefully, with a little hard work and a keen eye, you'll be able to get this ship back on course. Love on the High Seas is a hidden object game, and an exceptionally polished one at that. You'll visit various locations around the movie studio, like the model warehouse, the lunch wagon, and of course various parts of the movie set.

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