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Gaming News Headlines 2009-07-03   

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  Game News - 2009-07-03
Avalon   2009-07-03  
The strategy game I am going to tell you about now has some indoubtable values that make it a title definitely worth trying - magical theme, gorgeous graphics and challenging but addictive game play. While ruling the life of fairies in their mission to get back to Avalon, their homeland, you'll make wonderful discoveries and have enormous fun. There are also several exciting mini-games that match very well the general fairy theme. Most of them help your buildings (haven't I mentioned those?) work faster. The visuals and sounds of the game are very well thought over, and they all help create the real magical atmosphere that will keep you playing for hours. Just try!  
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G.H.O.S.T Chronicles: Phantom of the Renaissance Faire

Holly 2: Magic Land - sequel to your favorite HOG
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Your point of view is valued
Your point of view is valued
Bubble FlyTrix for Pocket PC    2009-07-02
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Bubble FlyTrix for Pocket PC
Excellent tetris-style arcade game for Pocket PC. This game continues the Bubbles series from Absolutist.com. The rules are simple: place the balls of the same color next to each other. They blow up when three or more come together, and remaining bubbles move up to fill the gap. More explosions - more points for you. No explosion - the time till new balls appear is counted down. There are three games, which differ in how bubbles are packed together.

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Wedding Dash: Ready. Aim. Love for Mac     2009-07-01
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Wedding Dash: Ready. Aim. Love for Mac
Yahoo! The next installment of the extremely popular Wedding Dash series from PlayFirst and Sarbakan is out for Mac - with all new features, a great mini-game and even more fun! You will meet Quinn and Flo and lots of happy couples hoping for a perfect wedding. Of course, the Cupid is hanging around all the time! One of the greatest funs of Wedding Dash 3 are the animations. The characters are really cute and watching them eating, dancing or even waiting is really amusing. Just don't forget to play while you watch!

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Hollywood Tycoon     2009-06-30
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Hollywood Tycoon
Today we'd like to present you a game that will give you a perfect opportunity to check your ability to become a film producer. Will you be able to shoot a real blockbuster? Running a film studio you'll have a chance to become a movie mogul and earn millions while getting all the possible awards. The main game play starts when you get to actually run your studio. There is a tutorial that will guide you through the basics, but many details are left to your own experience. On the whole Hollywood Tycoon is a very addictive game that is very flexible in terms of pace and strategy you take to succeed. It can be challenging enough for both newbies to the genre and experienced players. And the graphics together with sounds are rather good.

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Dream Sleuth     2009-06-29
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Dream Sleuth
Here's another great release to the genre of hidden object games. Dream Sleuth is a game developed and published by NevoSoft for those who love challenging puzzles wrapped up into a mysterious story. You get to do a good deed - to hepl find a missing girl. And you are going to do that with the help of psychic dreams. The detective isn't helping at all and your grandmother who is quite good at investigations is not willing to help too.  The game combines hidden object levels, puzzles and point and click adventures. Even though the ingredients sound familiar, the way they are composed isn't like that at all.

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