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Gaming News Headlines 2009-08-07   

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  Game News - 2009-08-07
Burger Shop 2   2009-08-07  
Burger Shop 2
Today I'm going to bring great news to all time-management addicts. If you are one, you are sure to remember the fascinating and challenging game Burger Shop from GoBit Games. Now the second part is released - even tastier than the original game! The basic game mechanics of Burger Shop 2 is the same as in the original game. You have a conveyor with different ingredients coming along it and customers ordering certain items. Aside from the variety of food to offer to your customers, there is also a wide variety of customers. As to the graphics, sounds, the overall balance and addictiveness - it's all perfect. And be sure to get yourself something to chew before you start playing!
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City Style - diva hidden object game

The Lost Inca Prophecy - mysterious match 3 game
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Your point of view is valued
Your point of view is valued
Jet Ducks for Symbian    2009-08-06
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Jet Ducks for Symbian
Good old shooters are back! This game is a treat for the fans of trendy cartoon graphics and classic arcade/shooter mix. The task of the hunter ... oops! Sorry ... the player is simple: kill as many ducks as possible. Duck Air Force meets you! Going deeper into the reed, charging the rifle - Let the fun begin: you hunt, but don't be hunted! If you think the ducks are as meek as a lamb, you are completely wrong! Those creatures, first of all, do not fly unprotected (use helmets!), and, second, shoot right at you. So, charge your rifle and stand out against the ... hunting ducks!

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Dream Chronicles The Chosen Child for
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Dream Chronicles The Chosen Child for Mac
Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child is exactly what you think of - another release of a hit game for Mac from KatGames and PlayFirst. The game is no worse than its predecessors. You'll enjoy the content as well as the form without a doubt. The game begins with Faye waking up with no recollection of her past or who she really is, except that she keeps having dreams that she has a husband and a daughter who's taken by the Fairy Queen of Dreams. Guided by a good-looking man who communicates with her through a crystal ball (those who have played previous games will quickly figure out who it is), Faye sets out to save her child once more.

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Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships     2009-08-04
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Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships
Here we are, the twentieth game in Nancy Drew series.Well done! Especially considering that the games have always been full of everything to make it attractive and interesting and challenging. This last one from Her Interactive, Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships, is no exception.  In this game Nancy goes to an exotic island in the Bahamas where she meets her friends George and Bess. Soon after her arrival George tells her that Bess is kidnapped and the ransom for Bess is the lost treasure of El Toro, a 350-year old legend which Nancy has to find if she ever hopes to see Bess again.

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Paradise     2009-08-03
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White Bird Productions has presented a new adventure game Paradise. The game has everything that the fans of the genre may expect from a game like that. You are to go through a number of really challenging levels and to find the answers for just as challenging questions the main character has. Ann Smith is the character you play as. Having gotten into a helicopter crash she is trying to find out who she is, what has happened and what to do next. Suffering from amnesia Ann Smith is travelling from one place in Africa to another. You play by  moving Ann around the area to speak with characters, learn clues and collect objects to solve puzzles.

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