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Gaming News Headlines 2009-08-21   

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  Game News - 2009-08-21
Mystery P.I. - Lost in Los Angeles   2009-08-21  
Mystery P.I. - Lost in Los Angeles
SpinTop Games are ready to present you the fourth game of the Mystery P.I. Hidden Object series which brings you to the very heart of sunny Los Angeles – the famous dream factory.In general the game format is similar to the precedent sequels and the story-plot keeps its linear style what is a quite typical feature of the whole Mystery P.I. story. However, the game fans will definitely appreciate the novelty as you really get addicted to roam about luxurious Hollywood apartments and shooting areas.
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Mystery Age: The Imperial Staff - magic hidden object game

The Village Mage: Spellbinder - Cool Mix of Dash and Match 3
New Online Game
Your point of view is valued
Your point of view is valued
TetriBox for Palm OS    2009-08-20
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TetriBox for Palm OS
TetriBox is a pack of 18 different tetris-like games, with different blocks, grids, strategies and logic from Absolutist.com. This is a real tetris jukebox! It adds high resolution graphics - 320x320 and 65,000 colors. Some of the games are the all-time classics, some are completely new and untasted. Get a whole score of games, a dollar apiece! All your best results are submitted to the server and take part in the World-wide contest. The 7 days' trial period is free.  

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World of Goo     2009-08-19
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World of Goo
If you are good in physics and like brain teaser games, then the one I'm going to talk about was made exactly for you! If physics was not your strongest point at school, this game for Mac is perfect to try and enjoy physics while having enormous fun interacting with the Gooballs, the main characters in the World of Goo! The game from 2D Boy is a genuinely unique and fascinating example of how very simple graphics and game play can be turned into one of the best games for Mac the industry has ever had!

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Strange Cases: The Tarot Card Mystery     2009-08-18
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Strange Cases: The Tarot Card Mystery
Welcome to another enigmatic incident in a small town and another fascinating quest game developed by Sulus Games and published by Big Fish Games - Strange Cases: The Tarot Card Mystery! Smart puzzles and inventive tasks are waiting for you here. It's a perfect case for Claire Ellery, an FBI agent invited to investigate the disappearance of three girls in a distant and forgotten fishing town. If you are a fan of the games where you have to figure out what to do and use your brain, Strange Cases: The Tarot Card Mystery can be a very good choice.

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Build-a-lot 4: Power Source     2009-08-17
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Build-a-lot 4: Power Source
Your strategy skills are up to a new challenge - and a serious one this time! The new installment of Build-a-lot series (the fourth already) is out - with all the fun and amazing new twists! As in the previous games, in Build-a-lot 4 you'll act as an architect helping mayors make their towns more comfortable and attractive to their citizens. The main principles of the engaging game play familiar to the series fans are preserved in the fourth part.  The main innovation in the game is the power concept.

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