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Gaming News Headlines 2009-08-28   

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  Game News - 2009-08-28
Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse   2009-08-28  
Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse
Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse is a new hidden object release from Gogii Games Playing as Princess Isabella you have your big day ruined by a witch and you are to bring everything back to its place. The game is full of everything to fit into the genre. In this game the princess doesn't need but she is supposed to be the rescuer of the whole castle. Upon getting back from riding she finds the complete castle cursed by the witch with her being the only one to save everyone from the mirrors where they are trapped. She isn't all alone. She has a fairy friend that reminds Tinkerbell. This helper possesses special powers to help her. You are to go to room after room and find the way to remove a curse from all of them. The way to do that can be different for every room so prepare for different tasks. The veriaty is quite wide and keeps you interested long enough.
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Nancy Drew Dossier: Resorting to Danger - Exciting Hidden Object

Fill Up! - Fantastic Time Management Game
New Online Game
Your point of view is valued
Your point of view is valued
Aces Omaha for Smartphone    2009-08-27
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Aces Omaha for Smartphone
Aces Omaha is a card game from Concrete Software. The game is as exiting as Aces Texas Hold'em. You get more cards here, which means you get more challenge. The game fits every player since it is very adjustable and has tons of settings. You can modify your opponents, making them look and act as you wish. By the way, for those who want to become real masters of the game - by setting the highest level of intelligence for your opponents you can work at your own skills. You can see three of them at a time, and you just have to scroll to see the rest of them. The game is perfect with what it looks and plays like for such a small device as Smartphone.

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Youda Legend: The Curse of the Amsterdam
Diamond for Mac
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Youda Legend: The Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond for Mac
Youda Games, after releasing a number of rather successful simulation games, decided to try and create a hidden object title for Mac. I should say they have done very good job with this one - and so I'm presenting Youda Legend to your attention. You come to Amsterdam. Not knowing why and what for. Not knowing what you are going to do there. But determined to find some adventures and solve a couple of mysteries. Though being absolutely linear, the game play still addictive and challenging. In each scene there are regular items and inventory items that later on will be used in a puzzle mini-game. So, if you are looking for a well-balanced, nice drawn and diverse hidden object game, Youda Legend: The Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond for Mac is a good choice.

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The Mystery of the Mary Celeste     2009-08-24
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The Mystery of the Mary Celeste
The Mystery of the Mary Celeste is one of the latest releases to the hidden object games genre. The game was developed by Media Art and published by Merscom to invite you into the story of a mysterious Mary Celeste ship. You play as an ancestor of the person who found the ship weird as she was. The original story of the ship says that the ship was found without her crew but absolutely undamaged at the same time. The naswer to the question: so what happened? is still not found. The main character of the game is Mary Morehouse takes a voyage on Mary Celeste II. This second ship follows the story of her ancestor. Spooky things begin to happen and Mary wants to know what's going on.  

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Autumn's Treasures - The Jade Coin     2009-08-23
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Autumn's Treasures - The Jade Coin
Autumn's Treasures - The Jade Coin, the new hidden object game, is a title that, though presenting nothing unusual in terms of game play, still has much value to offer to the fans of the genre. When Autumn's beloved Grandfather, whom she used to call Gramps, passed away, he left his old antique store to her. and she starts searching the shop in order to find some items that could bring some profit for the beginning. Later in the game you will learn much more about the grandfather and his "friends" - and maybe find the Jade Coin!

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