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  Game News - 2009-11-27
Dream Sleuth - Let's Believe In Our Own Dreams!   2009-11-27  
Dream Sleuth - Let's Believe In Our Own Dreams!
If a well-known chemist Mendeleev hadn't believed in his night dream with numbers and elements and told "Thanks God, it was just a nightmare!", who knows how long people would compile a periodic table! The same is with the main heroine of a puzzle game Dream Sleuth. It was her night dream, that told her about a little girl that went missing and nobody could find her.
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Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Smiling Bubbles for Symbian    2009-11-26
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Smiling Bubbles for Symbian
Smiling Bubbles is a universal game for both kids and their parents from Absolutist.com. Visit the world of Bubbles and you will not only be infected with their sprightly laugh and have much fun with little heroes but also have a chance to train your mind and eyes using your Symbian. The rules are easy to understand. Just play and train. The goal of the game is to remove all the bubbles from the board and to get as many points as possible. Just shoot at them with bubbles that appear at the bottom.

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Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove     2009-11-25
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Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove
For those who've been waiting for the whole year there's a great surprise: at last we got it! Yeah, the sixth game in the Mystery Case Files series coming soon! Did you expect a game with gripping gameplay and well-drawn grapchics? You must underestimate the talents of Big Fish Games for real hits as what they are going to release now is more than just a masterpiece, it's amazingly unbelievable!

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Farm Mania for Mac     2009-11-25
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Farm Mania for Mac
There are games that just don't get too nothing-new. Farm Mania, developed and published by Realore Studios, is one of those. Farming theme as a part of a time-management game is not new but still catching. Anna is desparately willing to help her grandfather at his farm which prosperity seems to be faiding. For every level you are given a special task to accomplish. The gaming process gets very frantic as you progress. Sometimes, or rather quite often, you get totally lost about what to do and where to click.

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Zuma's Revenge - Adventure     2009-11-24
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Zuma's Revenge - Adventure
It seems that nowadays one can hardly find a person who did not play or just hear the name of the most successful and best selled game Zuma! The continuation of the match three sequel is embodied into Zuma's Revenge. The main hero of the game is a well-known to everybody frog. This time she was shipwrecked and somehow occured on an island. The island is a place of playing. It consists of 6 zones. At first all of them except one are locked, but continually you will reach and unlock even the last one. Every zone consists of 10 locations, which differ from each other. The innovation which distinguishes Zuma's Revenge from other Zumas is that after every tenth level, there is a boss fight. Boss is often an idol or an ancient god. But every new boss becomes more and more powerful and thus gradually it becomes more and more difficult to overcome him.

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