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  Game News - 2009-12-11
Gem Slider 3 for Pocket PC   2009-12-10  
Gem Slider 3 for Pocket PC
This is a new release of a most popular game for Pocket PCfrom Absolutist.com. Gem Slider 3 offers the same fun but with improved graphics and lots of new effects. Several difficulty levels that gradually increase make the game interesting for any kind of player. The goal for you in the game is simple - to remove all the gems from the board, sliding them from the edges. Online contest for the best players.
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Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Turbo Subs for Mac    2009-12-09
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Turbo Subs for Mac
Meet Turbo Subs - a sequel to glorious Turbo Pizza developed by AliasWorlds in cooperation with Oberon Media. Rebecca and Robert decided to smell the roses after a hard work at Turbo Pizza and go to New York for vacation. Just like the other title characters of diner games, they were doomed to spend the whole vacation working hard and serving sandwiches, snacks and coffee in NY subs, Coney Island park and even inside Lady Freedom's torch!

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The Otherside: Realm of Eons     2009-12-08
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The Otherside: Realm of Eons
The Otherside: Realm of Eons is a new hidden object game from Namco Games that takes you deep into a bizarre fantasy world, with a talking teddy bear named Jovie to guide you. You will play as Miranda - a woman who becomes drawn into into a magical book, travelling between different realities to help unite a troubled family. The game idea is about solving the secrets of every scene by collecting and utilizing the items lying around.

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Bookworm Adventures - Astounding Planet     2009-12-07
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Bookworm Adventures - Astounding Planet
Bookworm Adventures - Astounding Planet is one of the Bookworm series games. This game from PopCap would be a lot of fun for those who love words and are good at finding them in a limited number of letters. A cute worm in big glasses Lex is now to use all of his brain power to fight with all kinds of space creatures. Well it's only looks like the worm is fighting with them. In reality it is you who is going to do your best to come up with as long words as possible to procede in the game. The game begines with a short warm-up that includes a tutorial for you. And after that you go to the treasure room where you are to choose another character to help you in the fight and also some power-ups for the fight. When the fight begins you are to come up with the longest words possible. The longer the word the more damage it will cause to the opponent. If the set of letters that you get doesn't bring any good word to your mind, you can always push the right button and get another set of letters but that will cost you a hit from the enemy.

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Posh Boutique 2     2009-12-06
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Posh Boutique 2
Fashion and clothing are some of the most popular themes for the casual games. Posh Boutique 2 is a sequel of the game that attracts girls exclusively I'm afraid. Being developed by Puzzle Lab and published by RealGames, the game gets you on your toes working hard in order to build the chain of boutiques. In this sequel, Alicia won $ 1,000,000 lottery on the plane on her way to holiday break. She decides to spend those money on building the chain of her own boutiques. But the main gameplay basics are the same for every boutique. You will have an opportunity to play hidden object games in this game. This has to do with the Press agents you will have to serve. This new feature makes the game more fun offering more diversity.  

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