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  Game News - 2009-12-25
Little Shop - Memories   2009-12-25  
Little Shop - Memories
Little Shop - Memories by Gamehouse is another traditional seek and find with a number of extra things to do in each scene including adding extra hints. The idea is great because the game is just what it has - the record store, the drive in, the school locker.It's definitely fun and relaxing as usually. An opportunity to open a Little Shop in paradise is too significant to ignore it, so take leave of your "old school" Little shop and take a step forward to a brilliant future in the latest chapter in the hugely popular Little Shop series of hidden object games.
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Natalie Brooks: Mystery at Hillcrest High
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The Best Games 2009
Trivia Machine for Symbian    2009-12-24
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Trivia Machine for Symbian
Try the challenging world-top game Trivia Machine from Absolutist.com now on your Symbian. The game brings you all the fun of a game show and the challenge of more than 7,000 trivia questions in nine categories: movies, science, music, literature, geography, and more! The unique game play involves strategy as well as trivia knowledge...it's challenging and entertaining! New questions are downloaded automatically so you may never see the same question twice.

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Kitchen Brigade for Mac OS     2009-12-23
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Kitchen Brigade for Mac OS
Kitchen Brigade is one of the recent time-management releases for the genre fans. The game was developed and published by Fugazo to get you on a fast-paced race to win a cooking game show. From start to finish the game is about quick cooking, seving and of course food. You play as a young, educated chef with a lot of ambitions and work to do to get any success in your business. So you got a chance to partake in a game show where you and your team are to compete with other chefs. You get to work in a restaurant for 10 days and if you are good enough you get to another one. You've got to go through 6 restaurants in total which makes 60 levels of the game. But don't be afraid you are not alone in this fierce competition.

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Bubble Shooter Christmas Edition     2009-12-22
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Bubble Shooter Christmas Edition
Bubble Shooter by Absolutist is an all-time classics. The game has become a brand and a ground for multiple game clones. Let us present you its Christmas version of the the latest game in Bubble Shooter series for Windows launched in 2001. The playing area of Bubble Shooter Christmas is designed in bright Christmas colors and reminds of a classic arcade game and coming holidays. Playing Bubble Shooter has a relaxing effect upon player's eyes. The playing field is partly filled with bubbles moving downwards. The point is to shoot the army of bubbles with the bubbles of the same color.

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Gotcha Celebrity Secrets     2009-12-21
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Gotcha Celebrity Secrets
Gotcha Celebrity Secrets is one of the latest hidden-object games released. The game takes you into the world of celebrities. Not the real ones, of course. Gaby is your character, and she is trying to do her best to become the best blogger or at least better than the other guy bugging her around. Every chapter of the game would be a celebrity story she covers in her blog.Gaby is your character, and she is trying to do her best to become the best blogger or at least better than the other guy bugging her around. You will constatly be receiving messages to your phone from the informants about some events the current celebrity is going to be involved into.

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