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  Game News - 2010-01-15
The Build-a-lot Game-Pack: Now 4-in-1 At Once   2010-01-15  
The Build-a-lot Game-Pack: Now 4-in-1 At Once
Build, Beautify and Brighten for Big Profits with the Build-a-lot Game-Pack! For a limited time you can purchase this hit series for only $ 14.95. Get all four titles - including the newest game, Build-a-lot 4: Power Source. Individually these titles would be 27.96 USD, so this represents 47% savings. The Build-a-lot Game-Pack promotion is for PC only and ends January 18th, 2010.
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Chinese Chess Professional for Paln OS    2010-01-14
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Chinese Chess Professional for Paln OS
Chinese Chess Professional is a chess game from ZingMagic Limited for Palm OS. You are to try and capture your opponent's King in order to win. There are lots of helpers in the game to make it easier for you. You play with only seven pieces. You can choose to play against your computer or a human opponent on the same device. The number of levels allows for both beginners and experts in chess to have fun. The game is a great thing to have in your Palm OS since it's fun to get into this thinking over the best strategy or plan and forget about the real world and everything that makes it.

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Youda Sushi Chef for Mac OS     2010-01-13
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Youda Sushi Chef for Mac OS
Youda Sushi Chef is one of those games that kind of stand out among the others of the same genre. Youda Games offer you to play a crazy time-management game and learn some technics about sushi. If you are one of those who enjoy going out to sushi restaurants this is the place for you. You play as a sushi chef who has invested all of your savings into your new sushi business, and you have just one week to make it work. Being in such a situation there is no time to waste. As both the new owner and chef, you certainly have your hands full. Customers come in and place their orders, which are shown in picture images above their heads. Your job is to create those orders as quickly as possible.

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Dream Day Wedding: Viva Las Vegas     2010-01-12
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Dream Day Wedding: Viva Las Vegas
Dream Day Wedding: Viva Las Vegas is the fifth hidden object game in the Dream Day series, and the third one with weddings theme. This time you are in charge of planning a luxurious wedding for Kelsey and her fiancé David. In contrast to the majority of sequels which lack freshness with every further release, Dream Day Wedding: Viva Las Vegas will be a nice surprise for you in this respect. The producers have developed an idea of what the couple want s their dream wedding to be like.

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Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe Murders in
the Rue Morgue
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Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe Murders in the Rue Morgue
Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe Murders in the Rue Morgue is one of the latests releases to the hidden-object/adventure genre. As the name gives away, you are to play a game based on one of the short stories of the famous writer. Even though the game is based on Poe's story, some of the details are still changed. There's only one murder victim in the game (instead of two in the short story) - the second woman has merely disappeared and must be found, along with the first victim's killer. You play as Dupin, an amateur detective with incredible powers of observation (who would inspire later fictional detectives like Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot) solve a grisly murder in 19th century Paris.  

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