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  Game News - 2010-01-29

Rasputin's Curse   2010-01-29  
Rasputin's Curse
He was considered to be both an influential faith-healer and a religious charlatan. They say that he even had a great impact on the last royal family of Russia and particularly on Tzar Nicholas II.  Different nations and cultures are still trying to uncover the mystery of this person. But who was he? How did he get the unbelievable magic forces? Maybe a new hidden object game Rasputin's Curse will help you to find out an answer to this question.
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The Best Games 2009
Aces Texas Hold'em - Limit for Palm
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Aces Texas Hold'em - Limit for Palm OS
Aces Texas Hold'em - Limit from Concrete Software for Palm OS. The game is a perfect place to play poker with your friends and foes whenever and wherever you want to. The game turned to be so great because of you being the one to set almost the whole process. You can personalize not only your character but also your opponents. If you know the basics of poker, it's good for you. But if you don't, it will be easy for you to catch up using the instructions. You can choose the limits for betting among six different tables.

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Sushi To Go Express for Mac OS     2010-01-27
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Sushi To Go Express for Mac OS
Here is a new hit from Sudden Games and Reflexive Arcade: Sushi To Go Express! Make sure you've got nothing urgent to do before you've started it as you are going to forget about everythig in the world but this time management game. Meet a cheerful delivery guy named Tony Tortuga who's gonna share his supply of energy with you. Together you'll make a great team!

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Heroes of Hellas 2     2010-01-26
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Heroes of Hellas 2
Heroes of Hellas 2 is an addicting mix of match three and hidden object games but the predominant part is match-three, of course. In here, you are to travel to the distant time Olimpia and help Zeus in re-buiding it. Once upon a time, when gods ruled the Earth from Olympia, a trouble came. The matter is that the gates of Tartarus opened and a giant with hundreds of hands came out of that world. He settled down among people and spread mess and chaos. All that he wanted was to capture and influence on them. However, until Zeus leads Olympia, the hope is alive. Under his patronage you can drive away the evil giant back to Tartarus.

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Vacation Mogul     2010-01-25
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Vacation Mogul
It's always good when the game offers more than the most of the genre. Vacation Mogul is one of those. It has a story, challenging tasks and beautiful graphics. You are to run tourism business in this lately released game developed by Alawar Friday's Games and published by Alawar Entertainment. You are to play as one of the two sisters with the other one being missing. The story tells you that there are two sisters who found out that their uncle passed away leaving them with a mansion and five islands.

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