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  Game News - 2010-02-05
Fiona Finch and the Finest Flowers   2010-02-05  
Fiona Finch and the Finest Flowers
Now when almost all strategy games presuppose building, cooking and animal breeding, and simulation goes hand by hand with time management, Big Fish and 1morebee offer the players to take a deep breath, make yourself comfortable in an armchair before you start playing Fiona Finch and the Finest Flowers, relax and take pleasure in the simple joy of life. For in this game money is not the objective. So, enjoy gentle beauty of various garden flowers and try to indulge the tenderest bloom in this world which true love is.
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StarPop for Pocket PC    2010-02-04
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StarPop for Pocket PC
StarPop is one of those games that are surprisingly simple, but at the same time are surprisingly addictive. And having some of those games on devices like Pocket Pcs is a good thing cause you can have your piece of fun any moment and for as long as you want. This game will be especially attractive for those who enjoy poping the bubblewrap. This game for Pocket PC can be simply described as fun, absorbing, stress busting, and even poptastic! You will have a wide range of things to popor destroy in some other way. For example, you can pop stars or burst balloons or splat fruit, and a whole lot more against all kinds of cartoon backgrounds.

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Be Rich for Mac OS     2010-02-03
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Be Rich for Mac OS
Strategy real estate-themed are becoming extremely popular lately, and after the huge success of Build-a-lot series we are presenting a new game of this type from Divo Games - Be Rich. While offering mostly similar game play, it introduces some new twists that make your game experience a bit different. Be Rich offers you not much of a story. You just found you real estate company and start developing it in one of the two modes - Career or Sandbox. In Career mode you complete level after level and develop your corporation, while in Sandbox you just have a large area and a number of rather challenging goals to achieve as well as a number of tools to use in your game and no time limit, so you can make it your own way.

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Rhianna Ford and The Da Vinci Letter     2010-02-02
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Rhianna Ford and The Da Vinci Letter
Big Fish presents another hidden object game with a beautiful, smart and rather dashing woman as its main character. Though the objective of solving a mystery and finding a treasure also doesn’t boast originality, still the personality of the great master of the Renaissance will obviously never lose its charm especially if enriched with a relic haunt on the settings of a magnificent antique city, evidence of what you can get in Rhianna Ford and The Da Vinci Letter.

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Alice's Teacup of Madness     2010-02-01
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Alice's Teacup of Madness
Alice's Teacup of Madness's theme is a success because of a number of reasons. First of all, Alice in Wonderland is a many people's favourite book, so if any of them is around time-management game, they will want to try it out. Then you have those who look forward to Tim Burton's version of Alice this spring, so they will also be willing to eat this "appetizer". And of course those who don't really care about Alice but want to try this new time-management game. Drinking tea was only a part of the story in the book. Here it's the major activity. In the very beginning you get a short story in a cartoon-style way where Alice meets the rabbit and wants to follow him. But the rabbit tells her that she needs to go and work in the teahouse first if she wants to be on the journey.

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