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Gaming News Headlines 2010-02-19   

  Game News - 2010-02-19
The Mirror Mysteries   2010-02-19  
The Mirror Mysteries
The Mirror Mysteries is a new hidden object adventure game that has you playing as a young mother on a quest to rescue her children taken to another exciting world by an old magical mirror. While out for a picnic outside an old abandoned house, her children are involved into a strange mystical event inside the house with damaged mirrors. You have no other choice but to save the children and bring them back, before it's too late.
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The Best Games 2009
Chess Professional for Pocket PC    2010-02-18
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Chess Professional for Pocket PC
Chess Professional is a simulation game for your Pocket PC from ZingMagic Limited. If you ever thought that you need to know lots of rules to play chess, you were right. But what makes this game perfect is that it's good for gamers of any level. Your task in the game is to capture the opponent's King. Chess Professional is a challenging game for those who like using their brains as they play.

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Hidden Wonders of the Depths 2     2010-02-17
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Hidden Wonders of the Depths 2
The beautiful and addictive game Hidden Wonders of the Depths has recently received a continuation that features all the advantages of the first part and offers even more fun! Actually, the game offers no story at all, which is well compensated by the game play and graphics value. As you might guess, the vast variety of game modes of the original game is preserved in the sequel. Besides match 3 you will also play some traditional collapse levels, as well as memory game and bonus hidden object levels.

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Simplz: Zoo     2010-02-16
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Simplz: Zoo
The name of this game can tell you much about the game itself. From it we can find out that the main goal will be to keep a zoo and the idea of the game is to make the game as more thrilling as possible, but at the same time to maintain the gameplay simplicity. And thus we get the unbelievable match three game Simplz: Zoo. The game starts with a written letter. It is from your so called grandpa who informs you that he has bought a zoo long ago. He always wanted to make it the best one in the world, but years have passed and all he has in his zoo is only Leo the lion. He is a star in the zoo, because there is no more animals except it. Grandpa hopes much that you will be able to take care of the zoo as he gifts it to you. To take care mainly means to buy new animals and buildings.

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Love Story: Letters From The Past     2010-02-15
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Love Story: Letters From The Past
Game developers and publishers care for the gamers so much that they release new games to match the special days of our lives. Days like St. Valentines Day for example. Hopefully you had a great time celebrating real love yesterday because today you have an opporunity to participate in somebody else's love story. Love Story: Letters From The Past is a hidden object game with a title giving away quite a lot of a story. Getting letters from somebody who died is either a sign of insanity or of a story with an unexpected end. You play as an old lady who just had her husband passed away. Coming home from the funeral she finds some package in her mailbox. That's where the weird thing starts. One after another she keeps getting short notes or letters from her first husband who didn't get back from war. Weird as it seems, you are to find out where it leads you.

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