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Gaming News: Best games and Casual Reviews 2010-04-16   

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  Game News - 2010-04-16
Love and Death: Bitten   2010-04-15  
Love and Death: Bitten
Love stories will always be a tasty part of whatever it is - a movie, a game, or a book. Twilight movies and books has just shook the world, mostly teenage world, with all their vampire thing. Having that as a background Love and Death: Bitten from PlayFirst fits in very well offering another variation of the vampire love story. You play as Victoria that happened to be fighting to defeat the vampire Damon. But things got really complicated after she fell for him. Well love played no better trick with Damon himself some time ago. He fell in love with a girl who gave him nothing but turning him into a vampire.  
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Happy Easter!
Happy Easter!
Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan
for Mac OS
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Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan for Mac OS
Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan by I-play is a fourth release of enjoyable hidden-object games series. Those who played Dream Day Wedding , Dream Day Honeymoon or Dream Day First Home know what to anticipate in this sequel. I'm sure that great fans of these games don't need longs discriptions cause they already know what they take. But for those who need those, I'll give some. You are to help Jenny and Robert's friends with their weddings now. The game looks really gorgeous. The classic music match all these rose-petals so very well. The game is not only an enjoyable experience, but also a number of interesting puzzles for you to solve in hidden-object levels and mini-games.

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Empress of the Deep: The Darkest Secret     2010-04-13
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Empress of the Deep: The Darkest Secret
Empress of the Deep: the Darkest Secret must be one of the not so many games that I dare to call "excellent". And I think a lot of other people will join my opinion. It has all the features that are necessary for the game to deserve such a remark: polished graphics, awesome sound and really thrilling story. The game starts when a girl, who has been sleeping for over a century, wakes up in an unknow place, without knowing who she is and what she is doing here. At this particular moment, you must think that such kind of an idea for the gameplot is far not new for the casual games today. But read to the end and you will be surprised.

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Haunted Manor: Lord of Mirrors     2010-04-12
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Haunted Manor: Lord of Mirrors
I wonder if anyone ever made a research on the bets people took and what it resulted in. The story behind the game would make the list then if it were a real one. Haunted Manor: Lord of Mirrors from Top Evidence Studio tell you a story of a young man who took a bet and got a whole adventure to go through. It is hard to resist the temptation of going into an abandoned house, when you have one right on the edge of town. Stan Riddle is your character who is to get into this manor to hang around and see what's in there. And the game is not about getting into the house, but rather, getting out of it. As Stan explores the rooms of the abandoned house, he comes across a nondescript mirror. The next second he notices that it's not actually him who is looking back at him, and the next second he finds himself locked into another realm.

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Super Granny 5     2010-04-11
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Super Granny 5
I don't know what's better - the quiet old age with rest or crazy  adventures instead of napping and reading. I guess if you are lucky to have as much health as Granny, adventure could be another way around. Super Granny 5 is another sequel in the Sandlot's series. Things haven't changed a lot since the last release. The Granny is just as full of energy as always, fighting the evil and having a good time on another adventure. Favoritism never lead to anything good. Here's an example. Granny enjoys her time with her favorite cats when suddenly is interrupted by the evil Dr. Meow – an errant cat whose taken up in her basement to create a wicked scientific lair.

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