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Gamemile Game News 2010-06-11   

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  Game News - 2010-06-11
Strange Cases: The Lighthouse Mystery   2010-06-11  
Strange Cases: The Lighthouse Mystery
Strange Cases: The Lighthouse Mystery is a new hidden object game with everything it takes or a good HOG. The story if full of everything unclear and mysterious. Be read to deal with searches, missing scientist, dead FBI agent, trail of clues, unexpected end. FBI agent Claire Ellery had a bad dream, the one you wouldn't want to remember in the morning. A mysterious woman with a glowing blue pendant.The next day Claire finds out that her former partner and mentor, Tom, is dead. Now she is to follow the  clues and find out what happened.
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Experience a Wonder-Toolbar!
Hotdog Hotshot    2010-06-10
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Hotdog Hotshot
Sweet Tooth Games together with BigWig Media have prepared something new for the time-management genre fans. Hotdog Hotshot is adopted from a popular flash game Hot Dog Bush. In Hotdog Hotshot you are going to participate in a competition through a number of location in NY. You are going to play as one of the chefs in the competition competing for "The Golden Hotdog", an award that will be given to the one with the best profit in 15 weeks. Each location you are playing at consists of 6 levels making up to 90 levels in total for you to hurry through.

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Dream Day Honeymoon for Mac OS     2010-06-09
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Dream Day Honeymoon for Mac OS
Dream Day Honeymoon is a sequel to Dream Day Wedding by Oberon Games. While playing this game, you are to help the new couple sort thousands of hidden things out as they're vacationing in tropical beach paradise. Glamorous graphics, diversified game play along with the intriguing and positive story that you can determine yourself - it all makes Dream Day Honeymoon a new hit to enjoy. Play Honeymoon crisis to make your challenge more complicated and Choose-a-Story to unwind from hidden object hunt.

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Sally's Studio     2010-06-08
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Sally's Studio
Sally's Studio is a newly released time-management game. The story of the game follows young girl Sally, that is so good at keeping people all energized and refreshed. Sally no longer cuts hair, now she is training people to be good athletes (and some yoga moves). Your tasks are to assist different customers like teachers and Olympic champions to help them tone up and unwind. Don't forget to upgrade your store and use special power-ups to keep your clients motivated!

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Deep Blue Sea 2     2010-06-06
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Deep Blue Sea 2
After two years from the first game The Game Equation have now released the sequel, Deep Blue Sea 2. Jessica mysteriously disappears leaving soon no way to connect with her. That doesn't make all of her family and especially her younger sister happy. Two years later she receives a letter from her. A really nice feature of the game is the ability to take different characters with you in all levels. That isn't just for the company, but also for the help as each of them is good at different things useful for you.

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