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Gamemile Game News: The Best Games from 2010-07-09   

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  Game News - 2010-07-09
Flux Family Secrets: The Rabbit Hole   2010-07-09  
Flux Family Secrets: The Rabbit Hole
Flux Family Secrets: The Rabbit Hole picks up where the previous game left off with Jessie stuck in 1980's. Following her story you participate in a nice blend of a hidden object and adventure genres in one game. What about trying to solve your problems with the help of yourself in the past? That's the situation where you meet Jessie. Herself and her grandfather are trying to help you out and get you back into your time. In order to do get back, you'll first have to travel even further into the past and correct some mistakes caused by your prior time travel.
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Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air - Intriguing and Puzzling HOG

Grace's Quest: To Catch An Art Thief - Fun Hidden Object Game
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Experience a  Wonder-Toolbar!
Experience a Wonder-Toolbar!
Making Mr Right    2010-07-08
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Making Mr Right
The first thing Making Mr Right reminded me was the Hitch movie,where the main character is able to help any guy get the lady he wants. Things are a bit different in this game from Gamers Digital, but it is still fun and would be a great educational tool by the way. Dr.Love is writing a book on the relationships. She claims to be able to create, or rather, to fix the existing men to make them be perfect matches for their ladies. The "love tips" in the journal entries can actually be used in the real life relationships

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Laura Jones and the Gates of Good and
Evil for Mac OS
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Laura Jones and the Gates of Good and Evil for Mac OS
Laura Jones and the Gates of Good and Evil is a new casual adventure game from Nevosoft. The game should be lots of fun for the fans of such titles as Dream Chronicles and Azada. The game is full of adventures and mysteries. You play as a graduate who got engaged into the search of some special gates in order to keep the evil spirits behind the doors and not to let them out. In other words - you are to save the world, I guess. There are tons of different puzzles to be a playground for accomplishing that goal. Each new artefact means that you are to be tested through a mini-game.

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Kate Arrow: Deserted Wood     2010-07-06
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Kate Arrow: Deserted Wood
Kate Arrow: Deserted Wood tells us about the adventure of Kate and her efforts to rescue her kidnapped grandfather and restore stolen idols to a native tribe. This is a fairly straight-forward HOG/adventure game, combining the HOG search and elements of point-and-click adventue, such as the recent releases Puppetshow or Midnight Mysteries. This type of HOG is actually my favourite - search a cluttered scene, get an object to help me in my quest and on it goes. The structure of Kate Arrow's gameplay is solid enough - player is required to travel back and forth over 4 locations or so in each chapter, with sparkly HOG searches popping up.

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Romancing the Seven Wonders: Great
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Romancing the Seven Wonders: Great Pyramids
There are people who believe that those who lived way back to Adam were actually much smarter than us today. Even though they didn't have laptops and iPods. This would be a great argument to explain why Romancing the Seven Wonders: Great Pyramids is so challenging, if you just take into account the era of the game story. In this game from Gameshastra you are to save your sister, Brianna Hastings, who has been trapped in an ancient tomb. This whole situation goes way back to the times of the Old Kingdom, King Amenhotep IV, Queen Nefertiti and other fellows you are to deal with.

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