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Gamemile Game News 2010-07-28   

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  Game News - 2010-07-28
Journalistic Stories   2010-07-27  
Journalistic Stories
Journalistic Stories is an addictive detective story with an unexpected outcome, that won't leave you indifferent. Being full of  mystery and intrigue, it is made in the best traditions of detective novels bestsellers! A beautiful actress, a rising star in the cabaret world, had been killed, but police claimed, that it had just been a suicide. So, Michael Jennings, who works for the crime page of the City Time, decided to find out the truth in this tangled story by himself.
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Golden Trails: The New Western Rush    2010-07-26
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Golden Trails: The New Western Rush
Awem Studio has done a lot of work to wrap hidden object mechanism into a nice wild west story and eventually present us something as interesting as Golden Trails: The New Western Rush. If you think that life is crazy now in our world, don't hurry to come to this conclusion. Life back then in wild west era was pretty busy, especially if you are a sheriff. The biggest problem for you here will be finding the bank robbers, but that's definitely not all there is... The graphics and voice-over is totally enjoyable and create a great wild west atmosphere.  

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Build a lot: Elizabethan Era     2010-07-25
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Build a lot: Elizabethan Era
HipSoft's popular game series have taken the real estate business idea and turned it into a fun way of spending your time. Every time you would be some kind of mogul in modern times with all the relevant attributes. This new release, Build a lot: Elizabethan Era, has turned things a bit backwards, but not in regard of quality or addiction. Even though the game does take you back in time when many things that are part of property management nowadays didn't even existed, you still get to do many similar things. Those include wise time, money, material management, making new contacts, giving a new life (with further revenue, right?) to old things. As to the building itself, you will get to build everything from simple structures of that time to great magnificent palaces.

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Elixir of Immortality     2010-07-23
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Elixir of Immortality
Elixir of Immortality is a great mix of adventure and hidden object genres. Because of variety of games and their genres, today it's very difficult to produce a good game, especially one that could differ from a wide row of others. But the developers of this game managed to cope with this task. This game has a very intriguing gameplot that will keep you in tension till the end. And you never know what is happening around untill you'll reach the last levels. All you know at the begining is that there is a castle on an island, where they make some chemical blends. An employer always has a hired hand. But lately something strange happens: all the employees are killed. And as always you are the only one who can investigate the crime. For this you are to pretend and act as a hired hand. But when you get into this castle, you understand that it hides something more than crime... But what it is? Are you able to disclose this secret?

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Fishdom 2     2010-07-22
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Fishdom 2
Fishdom 2 from Playrix is another game in the series of puzzle games that will not disappoint either the genre fans or the series fans. The underwater world still has new challenges to offer and new puzzles to solve, not to mention the beautiful scenes you get a chance to cool in. Very appropriate when the weather is hot. You get under the water to be able to have your own underwater world. In regards of the picture you are to stare at for a couple of hours, it is just gorgeous as always. You can tell that lots of hard work has been done to do all of that. The animated part add a lot to the general picture (diving helmets, jelly fish, shells).

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