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  Game News - 2010-09-03
Lost in the City: Post Scriptum   2010-09-02  
Lost in the City: Post Scriptum
Lost in the City: Post Scriptum is a sequel to the Lost in the City game from Big Fish Games. Those who played the first game are brought back some nice though creepy memories of the experience wondering if the second game stands up to that level. For a short answer to that question - yes, it definitely does, for a longer answer you can keep reading. Lots of interaction will take place in the game. And the mini-games that you are going to play every little while are quite challenging and definitely not so standard to be very easy. 
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Amelie's Cafe: Summer Time
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Experience a  Wonder-Toolbar!
Experience a Wonder-Toolbar!
Shaolin Mystery: Tale of the Jade Dragon
Staff for Mac OS
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Shaolin Mystery: Tale of the Jade Dragon Staff for Mac OS
Shaolin Mystery: Tale of the Jade Dragon Staff is a newly released hidden object puzzle adventure game where you are set to travel across China in search of the mythical Jade Dragon Stafа and in attempt to save a friend.Be sure to go to many locations and meet all kinds of characters on your way. You are to play as a young woman named Yu, who has a great adventure ahead. This adventure is going to take place in different parts of China, which will be a great enjoyment. The graphics of the game will make Chine one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

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Haunted Hotel: Lonely Dream     2010-08-31
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Haunted Hotel: Lonely Dream
Haunted Hotel: Lonely Dream is a new hidden object game full of mysteries from Specialbit. The game is very attractive just with the main setting itself - you are to explore the hotel that has its secrets. Moreover, one of the most attractive detail of the game apart from the story and the challenges is that all of that is happening in winter, that is always a plus in summer. The game offers you two modes as you start - Casual or Advanced, the latter one being more challenging and with less help. Most of the time you are searching for items or figuring out how to use different items in order to proceed in the game.

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Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar     2010-08-30
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Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar
Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar is another sequel in the Farm Frenzy series. It seems that the game will get the applause of either no-matter-what fans of the series or those totally new to this game title. This time, as you can figure from the title, you find yourself on Madagascar with everything that involves. Again you play as Scarlett, a young girl with great farming skills. The story tells you that she got really tired after the last adventure in Russian Roulette and is very willing to have some rest.

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Bigfoot: Chasing Shadows     2010-08-29
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Bigfoot: Chasing Shadows
Bigfoot: Chasing Shadows is a puzzle blend of hidden object and adventure genres worked out by Reflexive Entertainment and JoyBits. Well, as you can guess from the title and the graphics, it is time for us to find out the truth about this whole thing following Linda, who swears she saw it. Setting out in search of the truth only brought her to finding ways to survive now. Searching for items you will collect certain numbers of same items, some of them will go to your inventory to be used in puzzles later. Then there is also a mini-game where you rescue different animals and then care for them.

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