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Gamemile Game News 2010-09-17   

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  Game News - 2010-09-17
Mystic Gateways: The Celestial Quest   2010-09-17  
Mystic Gateways: The Celestial Quest
Have you ever dreamt about portals that could take you through the distances and times? That's right the thing you're supposed to do in a new adventure and puzzle hidden object game called Mystic Gateways: The Celestial Quest. Once you enter a house of Edwin and don't find him at home your journey begins. It will take you around the globe, starting in Egypt you'll go to Easter Island and Crimea searching the mysterious Shadow Vanguard. Every member of this secret society will help you to collect some valuable relics that are needed to open each gate to progress through the game. It's more of adventure than the HOG, but despite the multitude locations you will not notice the time passing by!
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Make a decision quickly!
Love Ahoy!    2010-09-16
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Love Ahoy!
I consider any type of the time management games to be nice simulators of the things you might never try in your real life despite your interest. Everyone has their own idea of a perfect job. But rarely dreams meet the reality. The chances to try yourself as a Junior Cruise Director are pretty small if not only you play a new game called Love Ahoy! released by Big Splash Games (the developers of Chocolatier). Unlike the Chocolatier in Love Ahoy there is no events preceding. The game starts as soon as you apply for a job. And the job actually involves just two things...

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Robin's Quest: A Legend Born     2010-09-15
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Robin's Quest: A Legend Born
What do you think of when you hear the name of Robin Hood? Is it an old English story telling about a guy in an emerald green body stocking with a bow fighting for the rights of destitute people of England? That's not the case in the newly released game Robin's Quest: A Legend is Born. Here Robin is a... girl that is looking for her husband. She helps the needy ones, uses her bow and wears the  emerald green body stocking. And I must admit that such clothes really fits her. So the general story is well-known, but the interpretation really impresses with the originality. Those of you who like arrows, green colour and Celtic music will definitely like the game just from the introduction part.

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Tornado: The Secret of the Magic Cave     2010-09-14
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Tornado: The Secret of the Magic Cave
When you plan to go for a picnic what kind of things are you trying to foresee? Do you always know for sure which things are essential and which might occur needless? Will you go if you know that you'll get into tornado? And what will you do if it actually happens? Tom and Amy face all these question in a new Hidden Object Game called Tornado: The Secret of the Magic Cave. The game is a real treasure for two categories of the players: the ones who study English and the teenagers. Why is it so? For several reasons...  

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Escape from Frankenstein's Castle     2010-09-13
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Escape from Frankenstein's Castle
Hardly anyone can imagine that his vocations in Vienna might end up at the Frankenstein's Castle. So couldn't do Hannah. A young woman was riding a motorcycle with her boyfriend as suddenly somebody crossed their road causing an accident. When Hanna woke up she found herself in an old castle not remembering anything even her own name. If that was a Brazilian soap-opera the only task for the player would be to recall the heroine's life story and the names of her relatives. But here things are a little bit more complicated.

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