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Gaming News Headlines 2010-10-01   

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  Game News - 2010-10-01
Columbus: Ghost of the Mystery Stone   2010-10-01  
Columbus: Ghost of the Mystery Stone
Though now every child knows that America was firstly visited by Vikings, not Columbus, can you imagine how the history could twist if Christopher had lost on his way back home from Portugal? The storyline of a new hidden object adventure game Columbus: Ghost of the Mystery Stone starts right with the moment of ship’s crash and now it’s up to you to help Columbus to get back home with an extra bonus - the treasures found. Otherwise the colonization of America might be under a question along with tobacco, Aztecs’s culture and both Mac OS and Windows…
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King Arthur    2010-09-30
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King Arthur
The legend of King Arthur his knights and the magician named Merlin is so popular, that it has been already thousands of times interpreted in different games, cartoons and movies. And it is really hard to make a new version at least worth attention based on the old story. On the other hand the legend is so widely adored, that its true fans will be interested in any new form of it. So the plot of a hidden object adventure game King Arthur by MoonCake, the same developer who gave us L. Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz, is not at all a surprise. You’ll follow Arthur’s life from the times he was a Merlin’s pupil being the one who managed to pull out the magic sward up to the moment he became the ruler of the whole England. But the gameplot is not the issue when it goes about the legends you’ve been known since your early childhood.

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Echoes of the Past: the Castle of
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Echoes of the Past: the Castle of Shadows
Echoes of the Past: the Castle of Shadows  is the continuation of Oreon's Echoes of the Past: Royal House of Stone, the game that managed to get hundreds of admirers. The second part has a lot of new features that differ it from the wide row of other puzzle games and make it really fascinating.This game has a very interesting and intriguing gameplot that will keep you in tension till the end. Being invited to the exhibition of the Royal House Museum, you find a strange painting among others. The beautiful queen depicted on it comes to life – her spirit leaves the picture. She tells you that a witch has cursed the citizens of her town and turned them into shadows. There is no alive soul now, but only silhouettes... The only way to turn all these poor people back to real life is to find out the pieces of the royal's family relic – ancient amulet. Save the kingdom by collecting all parts of the lost amulet!

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Women's Murder Club: Little Black Lies     2010-09-28
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Women's Murder Club: Little Black Lies
If you follow the releases of hidden object/adventure games and play many of them, you don't need to be told what this new game is all about. But if you don't understand what causes all the oh's and ah's, then get ready to reveal a new sourse of enjoyment for a hidden object gamer. Women's Murder Club: Little Black Lies is a sequel of detective games, where you are to solve some of the lies from the past effecting the present. This game is no exception in regards to some dark scenes. The story this time takes place in a town with its secrets. Someone tried to shed some light on a murder that happened in 1975 and was killed. Now it is up to our ladies to put everything in its place.

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Twisted Lands: Shadow Town     2010-09-27
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Twisted Lands: Shadow Town
This new game from Alawar Entertainment is for those who like tickling their senses and emotions, especially one emotion in particular - fear. Twisted Lands: Shadow Town is a hidden object adventure game that will take you to a wide range of all kinds of places in search for your woman. The story of the game puts everything together quite well allowing you to play as a very interesting character. He is a deep-sea treasure hunter, one of those who don't care what others think about him or what he does. But he is ready to take any risk in order to save his beloved Angel (doesn't her name make their story even sweeter?).

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