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Gaming News Headlines 2010-10-22   

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  Game News - 2010-10-22
Farm Tribe   2010-10-21  
Farm Tribe
Farm Tribe gives you lots of opportunities to spend some time in an exotic surroundings. Most of the time you are going to be spending outside accomplishing all kinds of tasks. So you play as a young woman who came to help her father. He is an explorer who bought some land near the site he is exploring. The help that you can now provide is to find the money to pay the mortgage. This is done through managing a tribe and its resourses. With the help of your father's assistant you work out the best ways for the tribe to earn more and more money for themselves and your father.  
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Sinister City    2010-10-20
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Sinister City
You play as a young man named John. Somehow it happened that he lost his fiance. That's weird how it happens. But, anyways, he comes to this Sinister city hoping to fidn her there. The place is all spooky and strange. John comes to a hotel in search for a room and some information about Nina, his one and only. That's where he meets a local who is quite easy-going and really willing to help him. He is not only willing, but he also actively helps him taking John to some hypnosis machine. This is the start of the journey for John that eventually takes him to the world of the unknown, to the world of the vampires in particular.

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Twisted Lands: Shadow Town Collector's
Edition for Mac OS
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Twisted Lands: Shadow Town Collector's Edition for Mac OS
Finally the game by Alawar Entertainment for those who like tickling their senses and emotions, especially one emotion in particular - fear is available for Mac OS users as well. Twisted Lands: Shadow Town is a hidden object adventure game that will take you to a wide range of all kinds of places in search for your woman. The story of the game puts everything together quite well allowing you to play as a very interesting character. He is a deep-sea treasure hunter, one of those who don't care what others think about him or what he does. But he is ready to take any risk in order to save his beloved Angel (doesn't her name make their story even sweeter?).

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Column Of The Maya     2010-10-19
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Column Of The Maya
The story begins with a conversation between the two you can see on the small picture at the very top of the review. You don't really get from the start what is going on and in what kind of relationships they are. But then you are told the story from the very beginning, and you are told how this young archeologist found out that her grandpa is missing and she is the only one to help him out. You don't get big bulks of the story right away, but rather learn more and more of it as you progress in the game. So you are going to play a mixture of hidden object levels with some interactive tasks. The hidden object searches follow the familiar trail. You get a list of items to find with hints for your help.  

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Mysteries Of Magic Island     2010-10-18
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Mysteries Of Magic Island
Any achievement takes something. Sometimes it is a lot, sometimes it is much more. Few things come to us with no effort. The same works for the main character in Mysteries Of Magic Island. This newly released hidden object-adventure game sets you on a quest to find the way back from a magic island. You have to play the whole game just in order to pass the test and be accepted into the school. So you find yourself in an exotic place with a list of items to start from. There is lots of interaction and inventory collecting. This part takes quite a ton of time as you go back and forth trying to find out where to get some invontory or where to use items that you had collected.  

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