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Gaming News Headlines 2010-10-30   

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  Game News - 2010-10-30
Campfire Legends: The Babysitter   2010-10-29  
Campfire Legends: The Babysitter
  Have you ever spent an evening telling the thrilling stories and sitting by the fire? You should definitely try on the Halloween! Even if you don't have an opportunity to go camping and have decided to stay at home, you still can play a new thrilling hidden object game by GameHouse Studios and Absolutist – Campfire Legends: The Babysitter. This is a second title of the trilogy, so don't get upset when you finish it: there is another one on the way! And now take your place around the campfire, surrounded by the girls that you've met in the previous game Campfire Legends: The Hookman, if you played it, of course.  
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Haunted Halls: Green Hills Sanitarium Collector's Edition

Letters from Nowhere: have you received one?
New Online Game
All Saints' Eve
All Saints' Eve
Letters from Nowhere    2010-10-28
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Letters from Nowhere
Letters from Nowhere is the best prove to the well-known truth that the old ox plows a straight furrow. The game is a classic hidden object with rare puzzles involved. There are no character interactions or much of mini-games. And this doesn’t at all affect the general impression of the game that is mainly created by wonderful graphics and perfectly matching music. In our high-tech time of e-mails and skype we hardly can recall the last time we’ve received the letters. And personally I don’t know the person who doesn’t like the messages brought in a paper form. Don’t you agree that receiving a letter became a magical event? Especially when it goes about the letters from… nowhere.

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Mystery Legends: The Phantom of the
Opera CE for Mac OS
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Mystery Legends: The Phantom of the Opera CE for Mac OS
Being a bestseller at BigFishGames, Mystery Legends: The Phantom of the Opera wasn't waited for long to be released for Mac OS. The game that is based on a famous piece of literature  published in the begining of the previous century is still exciting. But don't put off the game if you think that the plot is not interesting anymore. The game is rather a sequel, than the  original plot's staging. Some years later Christine experienced all the well-known  events she and Raoul are are raising their daughter Evelina. It is not hard to predict that Evelina somehow becomes a new object of the Phantom's passion who is still somewhere nearby hidding from everyone. Will Evelina escape the destiny that was so outlined to her mother? Are you ready to peer into the Phantome's eyes?

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Knightfall: Death and Taxes     2010-10-26
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Knightfall: Death and Taxes
The key feature of Knightfall: Death and Taxes is its genre combination of puzzle, match 3 and RPG. You are supposed to match same-colored blocks, but that’s not your aim, it’s just a method to solve the puzzle. In most of the levels your hero needs to collect all of the keys and get to the exit. It could be an easy thing to do if not some tricky factors. The one is the enemies you meet on your way, and the other is a turn-based RPG – the amount of your Action Points each level is limited. The AP decrease as you remove blocks from your game grid. If you move off the blocks of three and more it costs you a single AP, removing less blocks will squander far more. So be prepared to show your best at block-management. Otherwise you’ll see an unusual for the casual games caption – “Game over”, which justifies the word “death” in the name of the game.

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Mystery of the Earl     2010-10-25
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Mystery of the Earl
The word “mystery” usually implies the spooky atmosphere and dark colors. That’s definitely not the case. Though the game plot is based on mysterious disappearance of an Earl and all the characters you’ll meet on your way will tell you nothing except the frightened and disjointed account, hardly there is anything enigmatic. But there are lot’s of romantics. If I were asked who’d most probably like Mystery of the Earl I’d suggest the girls who generally enjoy all the wedding rush and know what the garter looks like. This adventure game consists of hidden object scenes and some puzzles. And it will not take much time to solve them for the experienced players. And though Mystery of the Earl might seem a strange option for the Halloween eve, but for those of you who are tired of darkness, vampires, and other sinister stuff might like the game.

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