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Gaming News Headlines 2010-12-17   

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  Game News - 2010-12-17
Soap Opera Dash   2010-12-16  
Soap Opera Dash
A new game of the dash-series was released by PlayFirst! After getting some experience in cooking, wedding preparations and hotel business you’re proposed to try yourself as a movie maker. This time you’re supposed to play for Rosie, a well-known character from DinerTown. But you’ll meet the other heroes of DinerTown as well! Quinn from Wedding Dash, Flo from Diner Dash and the others will be the actors of your soap opera.  Actually Rosie is a script-writer, but suddenly she loses her job. That makes her think of her own project. But if you think that everything she’ll have to do is just script writing, you might have never played any kind of dash-games!
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Art of Murder: Cards of Destiny

Slingo Mystery 2: The Golden Escape
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Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison
for Mac OS
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Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison for Mac OS
A nightmare is a way to get prepared for a day. This must be a motto of Kiera Vale, the heroine of the new Puzzle Adventure game called Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison. The girl gets an enigmatic letter from a guy she doesn't know. This message brings her to the Blackwater Asylum. The eerie atmosphere of the place is greatly conveyed by means of graphics and truly corresponds to the game title. Wondering round the locations as Kiera you're supposed to find out who were the birth parents of the young lady (the gameplot includes even a DNA test) and reveal all the truth about Alton Quinn, a sloppy guy who invited Kiera to the Asylum. Just get prepared that the things happening to you during the game will go from a little creepy to really weird.

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Pengu Wars     2010-12-14
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Pengu Wars
If you ever played the iPhone game Angry Birds, you just might find many similarities with this PC game. Pengu Wars take you to the world of penguins showing you all of the challenges they face in theri everyday life. So the story behind the game is not crazy commplicated. You are to fight with the penguins' enemies. The enemies here are theives of three groups, which include walruses, Emperor Penguins, and the other ones that look like giant white snow hamsters. Things go pretty simple with fighting with the enemies in their world. You just shoot each other using a giant sligshot. The shooting is absolutely phisics-based, when you use your mouse to set the trajectory of the shot.

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Jewelry Secret: Mystery Stones     2010-12-13
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Jewelry Secret: Mystery Stones
In this game you don't get any of the story before you actually start playing except for the location where it all began, which is Paris. Then you start your first hidden object search because of such a popular reason in this genre of casual games - somebody needs your help in cleaning up the place. This time around it is your uncle. So it takes you a couple of searches actually and a puzzle game before the story unfolds and you get transported in time into Egypt. That is only the start of many transportations across the world and throughout the time. You didn't do much to get in there, only touched the bracelet made for your aunt and here you are. But you will have to do something to get back in time and place.

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Fisher's Family Farm     2010-12-12
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Fisher's Family Farm
You play as a young woman (for me personally looking just a bit like Holly from The Office, which only makes her more attractive for me)going to visit her parents in a village. Having arrived to their place she finds out that things are not going that well for the parents and their farm. So you decide to help them out together with your pet fish. You get to see the map of all of the places you are going to work at. You start from Europe and then by looking at the map you know that you are going to visit other parts of the planet. You start out with almost nothing - a small pond and pelicans, which are actually dangerous to your fish. Real soon you get how to sell fish fillet to earn some money and are able to get tracktor now. Tracktor is sent to the field for hey by you while taking care of the fish and selling whatever you caught or produced. Soon things get much better and you are able to get more stations or upgrade the existing ones. Things get pretty hectic as you proceed, and you don't have to go too far to see that.  

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