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Gaming News Headlines 2011-02-18   

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  Game News - 2011-02-18
Farmscapes   2011-02-18  
Farmscapes is a new game from Russian game maker Playrix. If you like to build, fix and decorate, the Farmscapes is the game you need! Though it's a quite simple classic match-3 game, it's really engaging! And once started it you won't be able to stop, especially if you have ever played Grandscapes! So, delay all your actions and dive into captivating world of outfitting the farm. The story is about a teenager, who was sent by his parents to his grandfather's farm in order he could spend good time, instead of wasting it by playing video games. Didn't you notice? The irony of it all is that unlike the kid you will spend a lot of time in front of computer. Well, let's return  to our boy, who is ready to help his grandfather fix the farm. By the way, unlike Gardenscapes, the farm is interactive and there are a lot of things to do: seeding, planting and even rebuilding the farm. There are also trophies, which you can earn if succeed the game.
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    Happy St. Valentine's Day!
    Happy St. Valentine's Day!
    Jewel Match 3    2011-02-17
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    Jewel Match 3
    Finding yourself in a magic world with this matching game you are totally captivated by all of the bright colors and stunning animation. It is as gorgeous as it has never been before among this genre. This game is pleasing to play as well as to the eye. Those shiny objects, dazzling jewels that are all over the quest  feast for the eye's. At last we meet a pristine gameplay, lovely ambience, awesome graphics and full of kindness story to adore the matching games, particularly Jewell Match 3. The story starts with introducing you a girl named Luna. Many moons ago she left  her home in Nevernear to attend the Magical University of Horticulture in the land of Varanna. One day she stops receiving letter from her family. Fearing the worst Luna takes her long journey back home.

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    Mystery Valley for Mac OS     2011-02-16
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    Mystery Valley  for Mac OS
    You play a young FBI agent solving a series of muders. The story turns out to be more complicated than you would have expected. The story starts with the fact that you had been tortured by a nighmare as a girl every night till you left the town. The nightmare is really horrifying with some satanic rituals and scary creatures. So as you can expect that part from the past wasn't told you just to fill in the space, and you can expect to reach some links with the past now 20 years later. The game is a typical mixture of seek-and-find levels with the interactive parts and other small puzzles. The graphics is one of the major pros of the game. If you are anything like me and apprecialte when  your eyes can get just as much pleasure as your mind, you should play Mystery Valley.    

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    Reading the Dead     2011-02-15
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    Reading the Dead
    One of the first things that I've noticed about the game is that there is no voice-acting at all, and you have to read the whole story. So as you read you find out that you play as a young female FBI detective. You join her on her way to the crime scene. As she arrives and investigates the scene something strange happens and she gets connected with the murdered businessman in some mysterious way. She understands that through this strange interaction she is guided by the victim to the answers to all of the questions that the crime raises. There is a team of people you are going to work with along the way. So you can expect quite a few dialogues to read as you progress.

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    Charlaine Harris: Dying for Daylight     2011-02-14
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    Charlaine Harris: Dying for Daylight
    You play as a young and sexy vampire named Dahlia. Dahlia is one of the Charlaine Harris's characters. Her novels are best selling and are the basis of True Blood tv show. So if you are familiar with those, things are more interconnected for you now. So, Dahlia is a vampire with a mission. Her boss found out that there might be a potion in New Orleans that makes it possible for a vampire to be outside in the daylight. Danhila gets really excited about this idea cause that will make it possible to go shopping during the day. When she arrives to New Orleans, she finds out that the vampires related to the potion are murdered, by the group that wants to get hold of the potion.

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