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Gaming News Headlines 2011-06-02   


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  Game News - 2011-06-02
Dark Ritual for Mac   2011-06-01  
Dark Ritual for Mac
Well, one thing that I should say from the very start is that there are some basic don't's that you learn as a kid. Now I know one more thing to be added to that list. You do not get invovled into any dark rituals, that can lead you to some not good results. Do you want me to back it up? Just play Dark Ritual. The game is really dark and I would even say sick in its story. I believe that stories like that just destroy our brains. But I also know that there are those who disagree with me out there. So they might enjoy the story better than me. So you paly as an FBI agent trying to find her missing sister. You do not know what exactly had happened, but you know that it has something to do with the rituals she was involved into. The game takes a mystical turn after you find a scientist that uses some kind of mind controlling serum.
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Stand O'Food 3

New Online Game
TV farm<br> vs<br> Island farm
TV farm
Island farm
Tearstone    2011-05-31
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Most of the time the games from the hidden object/adventure genre tend to be full of mysterious events and creepy scenes. Tearstone is like a harmless version of that. You do meet different characters, some of which are dangerous, and you are involved in some kind of mysticism, but it is not scarry at all. So you get to play a friend of a professor. The professor is up to something, some great discovery that he found in the tearstone. You are going to join him in this journey. The story is fun. It might be a bit disappointing for those looking for some murder and FBI investigation. It will definitelly fit for kids because it reminds some fairytale.  

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Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas     2011-05-30
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Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas
The title of this game, Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas, gives it all away. I mean what else can you add to it? You are going to be involved into building hotels in Las Vegas. Even though, there isn't too much to add to the story, I would still like to tell you about it in more detail. In this game are are given a choice as to what you want to look like. Once you have chosen your avatar, you get to business. You are going to be busy with developing Las Vegas branch. That means a lot of hotels and other buildings to be built. You get tasks for every level, all which are shown on a map. The tasks may include reaching a certain number of stars or a certain amount of income  or building a certain number of hotels. You success with all of that is then followed on the game's screen. So you won't forget what to do.

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Midnight Mysteries: Devil on the
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Midnight Mysteries: Devil on the Mississippi
This dark and mysterious game is one of the latest releases in hidden object/dventure genre. You are going to be taken all the way through the history fixing some issues. The game have many bright features as well as some flaws. So depending on your taste, you are going to either love or hate it. Well this game put you in a place of somebody who is to cooperate with Mark Twain helping him fix some of the events in history. The game does have this story that takes new turns and twists. As you might have guessed by now, there are lots of unrealistic things, like time travelling and teleporting.

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Shiver: Vanishing Hitchhiker CE for Mac     2011-05-25
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Shiver: Vanishing Hitchhiker CE for Mac
There are different stages of how things come and go. For example, long time ago we had the genre of hidden object games. Then they slowly turned into the hidden object/adventure kind of games. And right now, we observe the stage when things become more and more polished, which is inevitably followed by something new. We only have to wait now. Shiver: Vanishing Hitchhiker is a great example of how things new to this genre are being developed and taken to the point when they eventually make up a bigger part of the game than other parts.

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