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Gaming News Headlines 2011-06-15   


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  Game News - 2011-06-15
Emma and the Inventor for Mac   2011-06-15  
Emma and the Inventor  for Mac
If you expect some drama, horror or great mystery, Emma and the Inventor is not for you. The game's story does have some unclear and challenging turns, but nothing extremely disgusting and terrifying and sick. This is a place for a nice pieceful quest. Having said that the quest is pieceful, I didn't mean that there are no problems to solve here. You play as Emma, a young girl, who set out to visit her grandpa only to find him missing. You only know that something happened with him as he was testing a new machine. The game  offers a well known set of activities.
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The Timebuilders: Caveman's Prophecy

Hidato Adventures
New Online Game
TV farm<br> vs<br> Island farm
TV farm
Island farm
Dracula: Love Kills    2011-06-10
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Dracula: Love Kills
Just in case you were looking for something to give to your kids to play, you should know that Dracula: Love Kills isn't what you are looking for. If the title didn't tell you that, then the very first image you see in the game will. You play Dracula in this game. You set to fight for your right to rule in the world of the vampires, which is also our world. You have an ugly helper named Igor (he reminds looks a lot like  Quazimodo) and a beloved (and she looks like Kira Knightley). You also have a magic book that you are going to use to achieve your goal. And all of that is just abundant with sorcery and some form of satanism as for me.  

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Supermarket Management 2     2011-06-09
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Supermarket Management 2
Where do you go ever day to buy some stuff to eat? To the nearest shop I suppose, no matter whether it is a big prosperous supermarket or a small shop. The more important thing for you is what kind of service you will meet there. Have you ever thought of what a hard work it is to serve the customers quickly and keep them happy to keep them coming back? But Supermarket Management 2 is not a book on retail management it is just a game, where you have a chance to penetrate into the supermarket life as its owner. Owning and managing an upcoming retail outlet is no easy task! I hope the main heroine- Kate, who has just come back after working in the huge supermarket for a while, understands it either.  As she decides to open her own tiny shop with one employee, she needs your help and your talents,  and perhaps your business experience and wits to succeed in retail industry and turn her small shop into most successful supermarket in the entire city.

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Princess Isabella: Return of the Curse
for Mac CE
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Princess Isabella: Return of the Curse for Mac CE
If you played the first release, Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse, you know the history behind what's going on here in Princess Isabella: Return of the Curse now. The game continues the story leaving the gameplay pretty much the same.Okay, for those who are not familiar with the previous game, there was a fight between the princess and a witch. It all ended well for the princess and her husband. But just as they were going to start raising their baby girl in a pieceful world, the witch is back. This time she wants to kidnap the child and curse not only the castle, but also the whole kingdom. And this is a very good turn of the story because you get now to travel to different parts of the kingdom, instead of staying within the castle.

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Vampire Mansion: A Linda Hyde Adventure     2011-06-07
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Vampire Mansion: A Linda Hyde Adventure
Vampire Mansion: A Linda Hyde Adventure is a newly released hidden object game. The game features many scenes you are to search through and an intriguing story that unfolds right before you. You might think that the title gave it all away to you, but that's not actually true. It's not like you become a witness of some tragic accident and now you are to go and solve some kind of a problem. In Vampire Mansion: A Linda Hyde Adventure you play as Linda Hyde that accidentally gets involved into some mysterious adventure. She meets Augustine and receives a task from him to find some ancient books since she is very good at things like that. The game will please the hidden object genre fans. You do get some inventory that can be used somewhere along the way, but it is a really small of teh general gameplay.

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