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  Game News - 2011-09-22
The Missing: A Search and Rescue Mystery for Mac   2011-09-22  
The Missing: A Search and Rescue Mystery for Mac
If you haven't gone anywhere during the summer yet, you have a great opportunity to do a trip to an isolated island. But of course there is more than just the beaches and beautiful landscapes. You will also have to find the missing students and deal with an unknown creature...The Missing: A Search and Rescue Mystery turned out to be a game that made a good first imression and proved it to be correct later. You play as an agent with an assignment to go to an island and find the missing students with the professor. You will actually visit a number of islands. But as you land on the first one you soon realize that the students are in danger. One other thing that you discover is that there was some human-like black cerature with an immense power, that broke through the cage and is now free on the island.  
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Rescue Frenzy
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Mystery Legends: Beauty and the Beast    2011-09-19
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Mystery Legends: Beauty and the Beast
This new game presented to the casual games society is based on an old and well-known love story. The game is just beautiful in its every aspect. You will most probably enjoy both the look and the playing. The title of the game gives it all away. You do know the story. The characters are familiar from the childhood. The story makes a few twists to the story to make it more enjoying. First of all I should say that the game looks just perfect. The whole atmosphere is all fairy-tale and full of very interesting characters you are going to meet along the way.

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Youda Fisherman     2011-09-18
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Youda Fisherman
Youda Fisherman is another game in the youda series. You are taken to the sea this time around. The game is full of different assignments for you other than plain fishing. The graphics and sounds create a perfect environment for the story. As you know most of the games start out with a problem that you need to solve. Then all the levels and puzzles and characters dialogues evolve out of that problem. The problem behind Youda Fisherman is that the fishing business of your Dad desparately needs help.  

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ABC Mysteriez!     2011-09-17
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ABC Mysteriez!
Very popular and well-known series of games Mysteriez! has won the hearts of many players due to its original idea and simple gameplay. May be that's why the developers decided not to stop and continue this theme, but now in alphabetical form. So, meet ABC Mysteriez! Albeit there is no plot in here this game does not lose its charm and will captivate you no less than an ordinary quest.

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Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign     2011-09-16
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Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign
It is always very obvious from the very first minutes of playing the game whether it is a great or a midiocre one. Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign is an absolutely well-polished game in its every aspect. Especially the hidden object/adventure genre fans will appreciate this one. The game starts out by telling you a story of an artifact that can make you wildest dreams come true. The artifact has been hunted for by a group of people on a remote island. But having destroyed the local tribe they attracted the curse of a shaman.

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