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Explore the beautiful world of hidden numbers with Mysteriez!    


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  Game News - 2011-09-29
Mysteriez for MAC OS   2011-09-29  
Mysteriez for MAC OS
Meet one of the favourite hidden object game Mysteriez! WellGames.com always pleases us with colorful and amazing games of different genre. Mysteriez is realy an incredible Hidden Object game!  There's no any complicated story and the world is not in danger. It's just you having fun trying to find all the numbers hidden among objects as quickly as you can. The game being so simple is actually quite challenging.
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4 Elements II
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Hanging Gardens of Babylon    2011-09-26
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Hanging Gardens of Babylon
I know it shouldn't but it still does feel strange to play the games where the main focus is on the hidden object levels in stead of the typical combination of the adventure, hidden object searches, and all kinds of mini-games. Hanging Gardens of Babylon focuses more on the hide-and-seek levels.  In this game you go back to the anciant story of a Babilonian king and his wife. There is some history involved. You meet the characters in that moment when the king went to fight with the enemies while the queen is literally locked in the kingdom with the people who didn't go to the battle.

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Urban Legends - The Maze     2011-09-25
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Urban Legends - The Maze
Practice makes perfect. This is a well-known fact. This is true for many things. This is also true for the casual games. Using horror /demonic/mystery themes for the hidden object/adventure began long ago. It seems like this feature only develops with time. Urban Legends - The Maze is for those who like tickling their nerves with all that stuff. The developers of the game really deserve the credit for the innovation of this game. And that is the story background. This time around you are to solve the mystery of the missing reality show contestants. That is not very popular among the stories of this genre.

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Mystery of the Ancients: Lockwood Manor     2011-09-24
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Mystery of the Ancients: Lockwood Manor
Mystery of the Ancients: Lockwood Manor is one of those games that will surey turn a couple of hours into a nice experience outside of the reality. It is one of the best examples of the hidden object/adventure genre games. There is an abandoned monor that used to be used by a group of people who knew how to awake the evil spirits and imprison them in the statures. Years later you end up going there because your best friend has disappeared and according to her note she was supposed to be there. So upon your arrival you find her enchained in a terrible condition. The other person who you find there is her very boyfriend. But then for some reason you don't hide, but instead you talk to them and that of course doesn't make you any good.

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Zombie Farm     2011-09-23
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Zombie Farm
Farm, grow and harvest your very own zombie farm! Pick up your plow and choose from a rich selection of crops and corpse to plant and harvest. Fight zombie prejudice by unleashing your horde of lovable living-dead on the neighbors! Plow, plant, and harvest farm fresh veggies and fruits, plant corpses and harvest zombies to raise your army, enjoy watching your zombies wander around your farm and be amused by 15 different zombies of different shapes and sizes in this popular iPhone/iPad game!

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