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  Game News - 2011-11-03
Reincarnations: Back to Reality CE for Mac OC   2011-11-02  
Reincarnations: Back to Reality CE for Mac OC
The title of the games says it all. Reincarnations: Back to Reality is one of the newly released hidden object adventure games. The game is totally Buddhism based according to the first part of the name. And the second part is about the problem of you being trapped somewhere in between death and life. You play as a young woman driving in her car as she suddenly meets a number of humal-like beings trying to kill her. Those represent different forces and at the end she finally leaves this world, but it is not heaven where she finds herself either. She actually finds herself in some sort of library (who would have thought, right?), but accoring to this game, that's where you go.
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The Jolly Gang's Misadventures in Africa

Mysteryville 2
New Online Game
Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!
Weird Park: Broken Tune    2011-10-31
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Weird Park: Broken Tune
This newly released hidden object adventure game is one of the games that can be used as an example of a great game of this genre. Weird Park: Broken Tune is a horror story presented in a form of puzzles and searches. You play as a detective who was asked to investigate the case of a missing journalist. The last time he was seen was at an entertainment park. As you arrive to the place you realize that there is much more to investigate than just what happened with the jounalist.

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Resurrection, New Mexico Collector's
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Resurrection, New Mexico Collector's Edition
Resurrection, New Mexico is a newly released hidden object adventure game with a creepy story and dark graphics. The game takes you to a strange place you need to escape in order to reunite with your daughter again. The game transports you in the life of a woman, who is trying hard to not be late for her daughter's dancing rehearsal. She gets into a car accident, and the next time she gets back to reality she finds herself in Resurrection, New Mexico. Having no idea how she got there she knows for sure that she needs to find a way to get out of there. The place is absolutely desolate and abandoned, vandalized and destroyed.

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Green Moon Discount - The Best Present
For You on Halloween
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Green Moon Discount - The Best Present For You on Halloween
Welcome to a celebration of Halloween! We have prepared a present which will definitely do you a pleasure. Be the first to enjoy the bestseller Green Moon for only 2.99$! Just enter the coupon code given below into the coupon box when making an order at the order page, and get the best discount ever! Green Moon Discount Coupon Code: 2011HLWN *This special offer is valid from now till November 06, 2011 inclusive.    

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Toppling Towers: Halloween for
Toppling Towers: Halloween for iPhone/iPad
The Pumpkin King has come, brought chaos upon the land and robbed the princess of her kingdom. She must fight to win it back in an all new Toppling Towers game with the same hilarious sense of humor. In addition to helping the princess win back her land, the various neighboring kingdoms have been driven mad and are attacking one another - takes sides and battle your friends in the new multi-player mode! With this universal app, you can play with friends on iPads and iPhone alike.

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