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  Game News - 2011-11-23
Dark Dimensions: City of Fog CE for Mac OS   2011-11-23  
Dark Dimensions: City of Fog CE for Mac OS
The hidden object/adventure genre is assosiated with mystery, ghosts, somebody missing, abandoned places etc. And Dark Dimensions: City of Fog is just so totally about it. Everything about this game makes it even more perfect. You will play a lot of hidden object levels. They are fun for several reasons. For one, the items belong to a location. There isn't too much of clutter from nowadays. Another thing that I enjoyed was that some of the items, sometimes half of them, take you to interact with some other items. That is not new, but it's usually one or two items like that, not half of them. That added more challenge to that.
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Cradle of Egypt

Secrets of the Vatican: The Holy Lance
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Happy Thanksgiving!
Haunted Manor: Queen of Death    2011-11-21
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Haunted Manor: Queen of Death
This new release into the hidden object puzzle adventure genre is polished in every way possible as long as you don't mind some horror as you travel into those vertual worlds. Haunted Manor: Queen of Death tells you a story you wouldn't want to be a part of. The story of the game introduces you to a girl you are going to play as here. She receives a letter from her sister asking her to come to back home. It seems like a not a big deal, but the thing is that there is more to their relationship. They never really got along, and the distance was actually a great thing for them as it kept the other sister away from your character.

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Youda Mystery - Stanwick Legacy     2011-11-20
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Youda Mystery - Stanwick Legacy
Youda Mystery - Stanwick Legacy was released a few days ago into the hidden object puzzle adventure genre. The games reveals the mystery of Emma's parents'death. The game is nicely polished in its every aspect. The story begins with introducing you to Emma and her story that is just about to take a turn. You are told that she was raised by her grandfather after the death of her parents. Now her grandfather has died and she goes back to a mension that she left long ago when she moved to a boarding school. t didn't take her too long to notice that there is something strange going on in the mension.

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Doodle God     2011-11-20
Doodle God
Doodle God puts the power of creation in your hands. Mixing and matching different elements, work your way up, all the way from bacteria and beetles, to clay and ceramics, to tools, weapons and beyond! Every time you successfully create a new item or procedure, you'll also be rewarded with the wit and wisdom of some of the greatest philosophers and comedians! Clear, colorful graphics bring the rise and fall of mighty empires to your iPhone screen. Unleash your inner god with Doodle God!

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Azada: In Libro Collector's Edition     2011-11-18
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Azada: In Libro Collector's Edition
Azada series has been first introduced long ago. It has witnessed some of the changes in the genre and adopted some of them as well. Azada: In Libro Collector's Edition continues the tradition of the series being a nicely polished puzzle adventure game. This time around you are told by a notary that you inherited property from some relatives in Prague. Now you have to go there to actually receive it, but the notary disappears leaving you on your own to get into the house.Who do you think you meet next? Yes, Titus is there to tell you that Azada is in danger again. Here is where your journey begins.

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